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Member since: Sun Jul 8, 2018, 05:28 PM
Number of posts: 839

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We are exactly where the right-wingers spent decades of effort to create

Aged like milk

How the NBA got shut down


Yes, Trump said that and we are doomed

If Trump can't do it, nobody can

Shaking my head

I am a life long Democrat. I am a bit disturbed that Bernie says he is running against my party

My party is not perfect but I don't want to blow it up. Every time I hear Bernie attack my party (calling it "the establishment" ) it bothers me

I was on this afternoon's CDC media conference call

Trump's censorship was readily apparent. The quality of the information provided and the fake messaging ruined what was once a valuable messaging tool during times of public health crises

Listening to the CDC people speak reminded me of listening to a prisoner of war speak or someone who had been kidnapped speak.

So salty

The winning never stops with Donald Trump

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