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Member since: Sun Jul 8, 2018, 05:28 PM
Number of posts: 844

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Do you have right-wing friends/family that say people are too easily offended?

Thomas Paine understood why you can't reason with a Trump supporter

African American homeownership lowest since 1968

African American homeownership lowest since 1968 when Fair Housing Act passed: NAR official
The National Association of Realtors held its second annual policy forum on Thursday in Washington, D.C., and discussed the widening racial gap and its impact on homeownership

The rest is behind a paywall but it shows our racist President is not helping the African American community as his lies claim


The media bias in favor of donald trump

Notice how the headlines have played out

The "Democrats" impeached the President

The "Senate" acquitted the President

Should the Dems walk out on Trump's State of the Union Address?

A few minutes in, stand up and file out in protest of Trump's crimes and the GOP coverup

Yes, we wanted Trump impeached from day one

Bill Cosby would like the Trump special

Trump can never say he was acquitted because the GOP opted for cover-up instead

Don't let any anti-American cultist ever tell the lies that Trump was acquitted. The criminal Republican Senate voted for a cover-up instead of a trial so there is no acquittal. Trump will forever be known as the impeached president that his own party voted to cover up his crimes and destroy our democracy.

The face of pure anti-American evil

How the MAGAts left Wildwood after their anti-American hate rally

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