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Member since: Sun Jul 8, 2018, 05:28 PM
Number of posts: 2,142

Journal Archives

Is it okay to call Trump supporters Nazis when they look like this?

Navy probe finds contractor charged in Capitol insurrection was well-known Nazi sympathizer


Damn! That's cold

The bright future of the Republican party

Trump's Stephen Miller was on his mommy's and daddy's phone plan

who could have seen being anti-American/anti-social backfiring

Five Reasons Why Russia is Struggling in Ukraine

From logistics to shoddy information warfare, almost all of Russia’s errors seem to be self-inflicted, experts say.


New NLAWs and Javelins in Ukrainian hands


AZ Republican sides with Putin


Russian state broadcaster RT just published Tucker Carlson's rant


1 Make no mistake, lies, and deceptions harm America and threaten its very existence

Lies (and deceptions) prevent productive national debate.

Lies launched the costly (in lives and money) and illegal war against Iraq

Lies launched the treasonous attempt to overthrow our government on January 6th

Lies help but the worst president, Trump, in US history into the White House

Lies have propped up some of the most destructive, anti-American politicians in US history.

If you care about America then you don't tell lies or try to deceive. It is also your responsibility not to be deceived or lied to.
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