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Member since: Sun Jul 22, 2018, 03:20 PM
Number of posts: 13,307

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Member 2002 - 2016, with 50,000+ posts. Re-upped for the fight ahead.

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Iran policy curious? Here's a VERY good twitter feed by former Presidential Envoy under Obama

Brett McGurk. Really knows his stuff.

You can read twitter without being a member.


New YOUTUBE CHANNEL ON ELECTION SECURITY from Jennifer Cohn. Please share and support!!

Jennifer Cohn's hair has been on fire for some time as she has presented the best info on election security matters.

Great research.


She says today that twitter isn't enough.

The COUNTRY must be warned.

Please follow her on youtube and share widely, widely, widely as she posts more videos.


and here's her twitter feed....you don't have to be a twitter member to read.


Educate me. WWPD with Iran?

What are Putin's ultimate wishes for Iran?

And I suppose that MBS and Jared and others in their dream team plot to reshape the Middle East must be drooling.

And how do they mesh with the Christian Dominionists Pompeo, Pence, Prince who want to deliver Armageddon to their cohorts as promised?

important report on Kremlin use of Western Institutions to undermine the West

It's a .pdf report, and it's under DDOS attack because SOMEONE doesn't want us to read it.


David Jolly tonight -- eloquent


Trump called on FBI to work undercover in his Atlantic City casino


Has anyone seen the leaked internal polling that shows Trump "lagging" in many states?

MSNBC mentioned it last night.

I'd like to know HOW bad it is.

Reportedly, he ordered staff to say that other indicators show him ahead.

David Neiwert has been suspended from twitter.

The long-time, established authority on right-wing extremism.

I have no other details. Just saw it on my twitter feed.

Harry Litman approves Lawrence Tribe's alternative path in impeachment.


Here's part of it.

Tribe’s fundamental insight is that the House could pursue a full-bodied investigation of the president, including an opportunity for Trump to mount a defense, without committing itself to a referral for trial in the Senate.

Rather, the House could culminate its investigation with independent “fact-findings” leading, if those facts bear out, to a “Sense of the House” resolution detailing Trump’s offenses against the Constitution.

There are a number of apparent virtues to Tribe’s proposal. Perhaps most importantly, it provides an outlet for House members to respond to the extraordinary gravity of the president’s assault on the rule of law.

However politically expedient, the idea that the House could simply give a pass to the president’s conduct and await the electorate’s verdict in 2020 is intolerable. Doing nothing is an offense to their own oath of office, and would at worst sanction and at best trivialize Trump’s shameless ransacking of constitutional order.

Second, an investigation culminating in a full factual account and a Sense of the House resolution would be a counterweight to the official narrative from the Justice Department in the form of Attorney General William P. Barr’s ludicrous reading of the Mueller report, which, as it stands, is the sole official judgment on the facts of Trump’s conduct. As with the reports of the 9/11 Commission and the Warren Commission, the country needs a credible official narrative that fairly lays out the facts and reaches fair and broadly accepted conclusions.

That mystery DC Grand Jury dropped 1500 pages tonight.

Haven't taken a look yet.

Here's the link:

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