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ABC News: More detail on Dossier


It sat on a desk in the NY office of the FBI while investigations began, and therefore could not have been the trigger.

Subbing cast iron skillet for oven

So....my oven has been out for a couple of weeks. The element actually caught fire one evening when I turned it on! My landlord is waiting for a new part to arrive (and is a little slow at repairs, too). And so I have been adapting dishes to stovetop with my trusty cast iron skillet.

Tonight I put together mac and cheese as I usually do, making the bechamel in a saute pan and adding cheese. Then I stirred in the cooked macaroni and then turned it all into my hot buttered cast iron skillet. Covered with some sliced Vermont cheddar and put on a lid. The hope was that the mac-cheese would brown a little bit on the bottom. And it did. Butter-fried mac and cheese. Slightly crispy on the bottom.

Last week I made eggplant parm by crisping up eggplant slices in the cast iron skillet and then putting a couple of slices on each plate, topping with tomato sauce laced with basil, then with mozzarella, and then with a gremolata that I had browned off in the skillet. Put it in the microwave to melt the cheese. Gremolata = stale sourdough or Italian bread crumbs whirled with chopped parsley, garlic, herbs, EVOO. Makes a very tasty savory crumb topping and is very adjustable. Umami.

who is on Bill Maher tonight? nt

Re: DiFi. Freepers are talking about a Georgetown Prep coverup of sexual abuse....

....involving a priest who taught from 1989 - 2003. They are wondering if Kavanaugh letter given to DiFi is related.

November 10, 2011 A former priest was sentenced to five years of supervised probation Thursday for fondling two students at Georgetown Preparatory School, where he taught from 1989 to 2003, as prosecutors compared the school’s initial response in the case to the scandal unfolding at Penn State University. v Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch and Federal Reserve Chair Jay Powell also attended Georgetown Prep.


Kavanaugh's Answers to Written Senate Questions 263 pp released 9/12/2018

They can be read/downloaded at scribd.


When I see Beto, the song comes into my head.....


Out in the West Texas town of El Paso
I fell in love with a Mexican girl
Night time would find me at Rose's Cantina
Music would play and Felina would whirl.....

Everybody sing!

Wherever Aaron Brown is, I want to thank him for getting me through 9/11

I happened to wake up and flip on CNN to check the time....just as the first plane hit the tower.

And so I saw the whole thing in real time. All that bloody day.

Aaron Brown earned awards and the gratitude of millions for his calm, reasoned coverage. His professional skill kept many from going off the rails.

And then he was replaced by CNN with an NDA that kept him from taking a job in competition with CNN.

Wherever he is, I will never forget how grateful I was for him that day.

Columbia Journalism Review: Reporters Should Out Kavanaugh (many past off the record interviews...)


From the article......

“I have talked with reporters on background on some occasions,” Starr told Brill. He named Jackie Bennett, his deputy, as someone who had “talked ‘extensively about the case’ to three reporters—Michael Isikoff of Newsweek, Susan Schmidt of The Washington Post and Jackie Judd of ABC News.” None of those reporters confirmed Starr’s statement. He did not name other leakers.

But we know now that at least one reporter received information from Kavanaugh: Dan Moldea, who published a book, A Washington Tragedy: How the Death of Vincent Foster Ignited a Political Firestorm, that April. At the time, Kavanaugh had just completed a stretch working for Starr on an investigation of the death of Vincent Foster, a White House adviser; the case was ruled a suicide. Soon after speaking with Moldea, Kavanaugh returned to Starr’s office in a formal job. During the period in between, when he was chatting with Moldea, was he serving as a cutout for Starr—not technically on the books, but privy to his work? We don’t know what information Kavanaugh shared.

In July, Kavanaugh acknowledged having “been a source for several books written about the Starr investigation.” Last week, he told Washington Post reporters Tom Hamburger, Robert Barnes, and Robert O’Harrow, Jr., “I have also spoken to reporters on background as appropriate or as directed.” Moldea told the Post that Kavanaugh “was the designated person” the Office of the Independent Counsel “puts with people like me.” As evidence, Moldea kept recordings of his conversations with Starr deputies and has played them for Judiciary Committee lawyers. According to the Post, “The recordings suggest that Starr’s top deputies referred Moldea to Kavanaugh for answers to questions about the Foster matter.”

To whom else did Kavanaugh leak? And what did he leak?

Dan Moldea is an old friend of mine. He was asked to provide information to the Senate in the hearings on Kavanaugh. Here is his affidavit of last week: [link:http://www.moldea.com/Affidavit-OIC-09032018.pdf|

Update --- criminal complaint filed Kav --- How can Kavanaugh proceed if he has perjured himself?

Is there any action Dems can take on that? It's unlawful.

Here's the link to the complaint.

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