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Grasswire2's Journal
Grasswire2's Journal
August 1, 2018

So Stephanie Ruhle called tonight on MSNBC for Facebook to be shut down now.

She said that people can get over not being able to look up their old boyfriend's girlfriend. (A shallow understanding of the more useful aspects of FB)

She and Brian Williams and a CIA-FBI type guest (forgot his name) were trying to think of solutions to the new problem of FB overrun again with Russian action.

She said just shut it down.

But why couldn't FB prohibit political discourse altogether for 100 days? Perhaps only allow recognized news reports from the alphabet networks and major papers and NO COMMENTS? Something like that? Maybe not even the news reports. Or maybe just prohibit all political posts. People could use the Internet to go directly to news outlets. Sans FB.

July 28, 2018

LA Times 7/28 --- Was The 2016 Election Legitimate?


We need to talk about a forbidden subject: the legitimacy of the current president.

There’s been a code of silence around President Donald Trump’s shady victory in 2016. It’s one of those tiptoe-around-it things that the American family just doesn’t talk about. And with good reason. Whatever your politics, it’s perilous to question the soundness of an American election.rder — and grow harder to ignore.

A nation devoted to majority rule has a minority president. Who squeaked into office on an electoral college technicality. Against most data projections. Using dark money. Using voter suppression. Using Russian disinformation.

As more and more facts about Trump’s incongruous victory emerges, the doubts gnaw harder — and grow harder to ignore.
July 27, 2018

People: Don't fall for the Giuliani ratf*ckery regarding Cohen tonight

Lanny Davis says that Cohen did not release that information regarding the Trump Tower meeting and Don Jr.

Giuliani appears to have set in play a dark op tonight, in order to damage Cohen's value to Mueller. Giuliani set it up anonymously, then went on camera to rake and razz and lie about Cohen betraying Trump with lies and so on.

If Cohen's potential testimony is devalued by leaks attributed to him, a deal with Mueller becomes less likely. Which means that Cohen would be gored.

Strategic gutting by Giuliani. See it for what it is. Trying to ruin Cohen.

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