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Member since: Wed Jul 25, 2018, 04:27 AM
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AOC has got swagger!

And is owning Republicans on Twitter!
Damn! Have a kick to the damn nuts! lol


Here is a list of progressive primary wins last night

This is taken from Reddit
It is only state & federal seats, doesn't cover more local wins.


George Hanna (KS State Rep. 47) [OR]

James Thompson (U.S House KS-4) [OR, JD]


Adrian Plank (MO State Rep. 47)[OR]

Curtis Wylde (MO State Rep. 107) [OR]

Michela Skelton (MO State Rep. 50) [OR]

Jamie Schoolcraft (U.S House MO-7) [JD]

Wesley Bell (St. Louis County Prosecuting Attorney) [WFP]



Matt Morgan (U.S House MI-1) [JD] -Write-In-

Robert Davidson (U.S House MI-2) [JD]

Rashida Tlaib (U.S House MI-13) [OR,JD,PCCC,WFP,DSA]

Andy Levin (U.S House MI-9) [PCCC]


Jessa Lewis (WA State Sen. 6) [OR]

Pramila Jayapal (U.S House WA-7) [JD]

Tracking Congress In The Age Of Trump

I'm not sure how many are aware of FiveThirtyEight keeping a very comprehensive chart that tracks everyone in Congress and how they vote with regards to Trump's agenda. Democrats, Republicans, Independents are all listed.

It's a very fascinating look into things and is rather revealing. I'm not sure some on here will be exactly thrilled with what they see, others may be a bit of a welcomed surprise, then again, because they're Democrats, maybe not.

You can break it down by the House & Senate, party and so forth. The eye opener? Go look at the top 20 for Trump score in the House.


Here is the top 10 on our side vs Republicans in the senate. Be sure to look at the bottom parts with the charts too.

15 Members of Congress Named 'Worst for Women'

We need to get every one of these POS the hell out of congress!
These morons want to take us back 150 years.

Attacking Everything From Contraception Access to Wage Equality, 15 Members of Congress Named 'Worst for Women'
"Each and every one of these Congress members is an active threat to women in every respect."

SNIP--- At WorstForWomen.com UltraViolet PAC and American Bridge are providing visitors with their ranking of the 15 members of Congress who—with their votes, harmful misogynist rhetoric, and commitment to serving corporate interests over the families in their home districts and states—have threatened women's heathcare, rights, and livelihoods the most.

"Each and every one of these Congress members is an active threat to women in every respect, whether in their access to health care, fair workplace protections, or protections and recourse for survivors of gendered violence," said Shaunna Thomas, executive director of UltraViolet.

Thirteen Republicans in the U.S. House were given the dubious distinction:Thirteen Republican representatives were given the dubious distinction: Reps. Don Bacon of Nebraska, Dave Brat of Virginia, Ted Budd of North Carolina, Ron DeSantis of Florida, Glenn Grothman of Wisconsin, Karen Handel of Georgia, Jim Jordan of Ohio, Steve King of Iowa, Jason Lewis of Minnesota, Kevin McCarthy of California, Steve Pearce of New Mexico, Pete Sessions of Texas, and Scott Taylor of Virginia.

GOP Sens. Ted Cruz of Texas and Dean Heller of Nevada were named the worst members of the Senate for women. Nearly all of the "15 Worst for Women" are running for re-election in November, with Reps. DeSantis and Pearce each running for governor of their states.

Article here

History was made in Michigan!

And it isn't in the race you're all thinking of

Tonight, Michigan elected the first Muslim woman & the first Palestinian-American to US Congress! Nicely done MI-13!
@RashidaTlaib won her race and she is the person if you recall was kicked out of a Trump rally for asking Trump if he ever read the constitution. She is also a Democratic Socialist like AOC.




Way to go Missouri!!!!

YES! This is a huge win for labor! GO MISSOURI!!!!!! A sound defeat for Republican trash! The biggest win for labor this year!


Element Electronics says tarriffs causing them to shutter

Wonderful. I own a couple of their TVs. Thanks Trump! Asshole.

South Carolina manufacturer says it's closing plant over Trump tariffs

Element Electronics, a consumer electronics company in South Carolina, says it will be closing its plant in Winnsboro due to tariffs imposed by President Trump.

The State reported Tuesday that the company was one of the largest remaining employers in Fairfield County after the local Walmart, which used to be the largest grocery store in the county, closed its doors two years ago.

The news also comes after plans were canceled to build two nuclear reactors in the area, terminating 5,000 construction jobs.

“When you think you’ve reached rock bottom, to get kicked in the gut like this, you didn’t think anything more could happen,” state Sen. Mike Fanning (D) said of Element's announcement to the local paper. “Within 365 days, you just get rocked to your core.”

Element said “the layoff and closure is a result of the new tariffs that were recently and unexpectedly imposed on many goods imported from China, including the key television components used in our assembly operations in Winnsboro,” in a letter to the state’s Department of Employment and Workforce obtained by the local paper.


Conservatives about to lose their shit over the NFL

Get ready! Incoming conservative meltdown over the NFL is imminent!
The homophobia is about to be thrown out big time!

NFL's first male dancers will hit the sidelines this season

NFL fans will see history made this season, and it has nothing to do with what goes on between the goalposts.

The Los Angeles Rams and the New Orleans Saints will have male cheerleaders dancing on their squads for the first time.
Dancers Quinton Peron and Napoleon Jinnies have been preparing for the NFL season since they made the Rams cheerleading squad in March.


"Still can't believe I'm one of the first males in history to be a pro NFL cheerleader!" Jinnies tweeted after being selected.
Other teams, like the Indianapolis Colts and the Baltimore Ravens, have stuntmen, USA Today reported, but Peron and Jinnies will be dancing alongside their female teammates and doing the same moves.


NASCAR CEO arrested for DWI, oxycodone possession

Round and round we go! (pun intended)

NASCAR CEO arrested for DWI, oxycodone possession.
NASCAR says chairman Brian France will be taking an 'indefinite leave of absence' following his arrest Sunday night for DWI.

NASCAR chairman and CEO Brian France will take a leave of absence from the sport his family founded after he was arrested for driving while intoxicated in Sag Harbor, N.Y., on Sunday night.

The Sag Harbor Village Police Department said in a press release Monday that France was pulled over at 7:30 p.m. after failing to stop at a stop sign. Police determined that the 56-year-old was driving while "in an intoxicated condition," and a subsequent search found that he had oxycodone pills in his possession.

The Sag Harbor Village Police Department said in a press release Monday that France was pulled over at 7:30 p.m. after failing to stop at a stop sign. Police determined that the 56-year-old was driving while "in an intoxicated condition," and a subsequent search found that he had five oxycodone pills in his possession.

Police also said his blood alcohol level was 0.18, more than twice the legal limit in New York (0.08). His eyes were glassy, his speech slurred, his balance off.


Alex Jones - a few things

For those of you active on Twitter, I'm sure you've seen the outcry from every political facet known to man about Alex Jones being banned from Apple, Facebook, Spotify, YouTube and a few other sites, all screaming "FREE SPEECH!". Liberals seem worried that what happened to Alex Jones could be used against the people who are vocal about left leaning causes. Conservatives are also saying the same thing. However, there is a rather big issue that everybody seems to be forgetting.....

None of these entities are part of the government where free speech protections apply to. These are private entities (businesses, corporations, etc) who took action to ban Alex Jones because he broke the rules of the websites listed. It is absolutely no different than any of us getting banned from DU from breaking the rules (TOS) we agreed to when we signed up. It is no different than breaking the TOS of Twitter we all agreed to when we signed up there either.

What we have here isn't a case of "free speech" by any means but rather a case of a loud idiot who can't follow and play by the rules which were set forth long before he joined the sites which ultimately banned him.

If you can't play by the rules then that is YOUR problem and playing the victim isn't going to help your cause when you're responsible for your own actions. What took place is the free market solving a problem.

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