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Gender: Male
Hometown: Poulsbo WA
Home country: United States
Current location: Poulsbo
Member since: Sun Aug 26, 2018, 12:47 PM
Number of posts: 2,229

Journal Archives

A Haiku for Ted...

A question about sanctions...

It looks as though Russia will wear down the Ukraine.
What's to keep the world - the big actors anyway - from tightening the sanctions and keeping them there after the shooting stops?
Break the country completely.
The Russian GD is slightly under half of California's... with over three times the population. Isn't it vulnerable?
I know they have oil and gas, but don't markets control those commodities? I'm sure there are Wall Street whiz kids who could figure a way to screw the Russian oil economy. Wouldn't the Big Money boys move into Russia and buy up their assets for rubles on the dollar? Wouldn't the oligarchs get tired of not being able to use banks...or their yachts... or their properties abroad?

I'm NOT an economist - don't even play one on TV.
Can somebody answer the basic question: Can the world crush the Russian economy when the shooting stops?

Teeth...? In the grille...? WTF? The explanation of this one should be interesting.

"A New Jersey mechanic called in police after finding human teeth in the grill of a car they were servicing.
The grisly discovery at the Goodyear Service Center in Linden is thought to belong to a body found deceased on the New Jersey Turnpike in December."
The woman who owns the car had brought the car in for an inspection after noticing something wrong with how it was running.
Police suspect the motorist may have hit a person whose body was found on the New Jersey Turnpike in December.
Police have opened and investigation, but say they do not believe the woman knew she had hit anything and have not filed charges."



"Sadly, Evangelicals are ripe for being grifted.
Given the very nature of who they are, and how they are taught makes them targets. Evangelicals receive emotional affirmation for displaying the ability to believe and support those things which are impossible, all in the name of faith. A virgin became pregnant. A man died and after three days rose again. A man created an ark, a flood came and only he and his family survived. In the beginning of time, one man and one woman birth all of civilization as we know it today.
Indeed the entire philosophy rests on blind faith.
Critical thinking does not exist. In fact, it is treated as blasphemous, lies, and anyone entertaining such thoughts is ostracized."
"While all of these factors lead to an uneducated, confidently defying logic population, the risk is even greater.
Imagine, should these militantly blind followers were to become organized, armed and felt to be threatened in some way. Where would they draw the line?
There is no motivation to listen, engage in conversation, or entertain an opposing viewpoint.
Further, anyone not in line with your opinion is evil. This person, group, political party is not doing Godís work so they must be stopped at all costs. the loss of human lives, right or wrong is irrelevant."

I'm just reliving the good times ... 6 January 2021.

Renewing old acquaintances.
Remember Larry Rendell Brock? Retired Air Force Lt. Col. with the zip-cuffs on the Senate floor?
The one who looks like an officer - which he was - giving orders to his subordinates during the insurrection?
He got indicted and charged. 7 counts. No trial or plea deal yet, but I hope the FBI/DOJ is pressuring him to talk. My bet is that he was in charge of a capture mission ... congresspeople...maybe Pence.
This guy took an oath to defend the US. Instead, he attacked us.

The trumpers are clueless. We know that. But their take on "Don't Look Up" proves it beyond doubt

Their response to "Don't Look Up" puts the needle on the clueless dial off the scale.

Here's some remarks from the ONE entry I could find on the Freepsite.
Literate conservatives, like National Review, see what's there and agree the movie is a spot-on satire about the trump cult... and that cult's intellect.
The trumpers think it's a slam on the Left.

"The left destroys their own arguments and beliefs in a film that I am pretty sure was meant as a reinforcement to them. I am sure it was meant as slam on Trump and his followers, but it really was the opposite.
In real life the ďdonít look upĒ crowd are those who pimp Covid fear as a means of control."
"The Hunger Games was another one that backfired on the left. It was meant to target the evil republicans, but they didnít realize how much it mirrored themselves."
"THIS is from lefties? Do they not realize this is exactly how they behave? Do they think theyíre portraying the right? Did they wake up from their nonsense?"
"Seems like they shot themselves in the feet. Did they understand or did we take if wrong. I found it comical that the points they were making made more fun of how they behave."
"Itís no great surprise the left doesnít see the humor because it unmasks their totalitarian bent. Parts of it had me laughing out loud because it was obviously made by leftists with absolutely no self awareness. If you canít see Hillary in the amoral movie president, you need to put down the bong."

Hey.... Du'ers in cannabis-legal states...

Are you hearing of any robberies of pot shops?

It's an all-cash business, and from what I've seen, business is booming.
The banks are all tumescent about getting their hands on that money, but since it's still illegal Federally....

Any word on robberies... or why there isn't?

Went to freeperville to find their views on "Don't Look Up"...

Nothing. Nada. Zip.

I thought they'd be all over it.

Any of the RWNJ sources talking about it?

I've been reading DU posts about Harry Reid's letters to Comey...

... and posts asking why Garland hasn't acted bigtime.. and posts asking why indictments are not raining all over trump and his henchmen/women in Congress.

Why not accept the simple explanation: Fear?

The Powers That Be are afraid that if anything big happens...trump indictments or congressional member indictments, for example... it will start the shooting civil war that is on the near horizon.
The outcome is a foregone conclusion, of course, but the destabilization might kill the economy and send ripples all over the world.

OK... I'm screaming at the TeeVee..

David Muir of ABC is interviewing the President, and he's asking blame questions.
Not verbatim, but close... "Why didn't you see Omicron coming?"
Biden - to his credit - laughed and pointed out that NObody saw it coming, instead of saying something like... "It's a fucking virus, you moron! It wasn't HERE a couple of months ago because it didn't exist!"
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