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albacore's Journal
albacore's Journal
July 24, 2023

Parking space.... that's worth killing somebody! In Gunistan, anyway...

"Maryland prosecutors have filed hate crime charges against a man accused of killing three people and wounding three more in a dispute over parking.

The three people shot to death were Latino; the man accused of shooting them is white. Their families have lived on the same street for years and have had a history of disputes, including allegations of racial slurs against one of the victims.
Charles Robert Smith, 43, had been charged with second-degree murder. Now he faces first-degree murder and hate-crime charges in the killings of Mario Mireles, his father Nicholas Mireles, and Christian Segovia, under an indictment returned by an Anne Arundel County grand jury on Friday."
"Smith pulled out a gun and Mireles tried to grab it before Smith shot Mireles and Segovia. Smith “then stood over Mario Mireles and shot him several more times,” the document says. Smith then went into his house, got a rifle and began firing through a window at people who had come trying to help the mortally wounded men. Smith fatally shot Nicolas Mireles, and wounded Rosalina Segovia, Paul Johnnson and Enner Canales-Hernandez"


July 1, 2023

Has the SCOTUS just handed the Dems the House, Senate and White House?

They have alienated some fairly large groups of us.
They've left the Repubs holding a bag of shit.
Repubs will be trying to convince women, minorities, students, and the LGBT community that Biden is the bad guy, when even the dullest American can plainly see that conservatives are not only in the minority...they push a minority agenda far beyond the people's will.
Add the increasing trump indictment shitstorm, and... well....

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