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Member since: Wed Aug 29, 2018, 09:27 PM
Number of posts: 592

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Sadiq Kahn' video message to trump. Very well done.


Anyone else want to lower the aim on UK cannon welcome to djt ?? 1st thing I thought of.

Has Melania Trump done ANYTHING, except 'be best'????

Wonderful video from Obama Foundation about campaigner with ALS


Just commented in NYT on story about Lordstown Ohio plant closing.

Sharon | Tn
I feel for these folks, but aren’t they a little guilty of ignoring the signs of progress? Technology has had a profound effect on employment and everyday life. I taught school for 40 yrs and witnessed a lot of changes in that time, but it was my duty as an employee to keep myself current. We cannot bring the past back to life again, and a nation that only looks to the past for guidance is a nation going downhill.

With His Job Gone, an Autoworker Wonders, ‘What Am I as a Man?’
Rick Marsh worked in the car plant in Lordstown his entire life. Now that job is gone. What does that mean for his politics?


Stampyoface on Etsy has a few Harriet Tubman stamps. Hurry!

United Air Lines Ad-- Harlem Jubilee Chorus perform impromptu performance on flight.


Pelosi is right.

I believe Pelosi is right because what is happening now is far worse than giving djt something to campaign on. These court cases and the charges slowly dripping out is like a slow death to him and his campaign. Trump is pissed because he wants us to begin impeachment so he can say, “oh those mean awful dems tried and failed”. Pelosi is way smarter than trump and always will be. When the financials come out, the sh** will really hit the fan.

Read Nadler's letter to McGahn. Nadler is pissed.

Back to Undecided. Not sure about Warren.

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