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Member since: Wed Aug 29, 2018, 09:27 PM
Number of posts: 592

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"When your ears are stuffed with money, you can't hear anything".

She The People, Elizabeth Warren

Maddow last night was awesome "Whoomp, There it goes". 🎼🎼

I loved her lead-in with the song and the fact that there is no attorney client privilege with McGann. Also narrowing down the moment he screwed himself by letting McGann talk to Mueller. Potatohead is so dumb, he doesn’t even know the basics of how his own government works.

Audible (Amazon Audio Books) has Mueller report for $0.00. It's nice to be

able to do something else and listen, instead of sitting thru 448 pages.

Read this Q & A with french ambassador ( who is leaving).

He compares Obama and Trump. What trump is putting them through is astounding.


Good article re both sides of impeachment issue:

Very interesting.


Someone locked my post, said to repost in primaries. How to do that?

Bill Weld challenging trump in 2020. ABC news

Potato head is desparate now and feels cornered. Things are going to get super crazy because

he feels that he MUST win 2020 because SDNY is waiting in the wings to pounce as soon as he is out of office. But he has no wall, immigration policies are falling apart, infrastructure was never begun and healthcare was a dud. SDNY is a bigger threat to him than Mueller ever was, and they have indicated that they might push back on the “cannot indict” thing. Boat is going to get rocky. I feel sorry for asylum seekers.
NYT has article out now about how staff reacts to being asked to do something illegal (Tillerson left and Pompeo is willing to do anything for boss).

Elizabeth Warren: Foreign Ownership of American Agriculture Farms

This lady has really proposed effective ideas from the real world.


Do you think Schiff's powerful reply yesterday had anything

to do with Barr’s statement today about releasing report by mid April? Seems like too big of a coincidence to me. Anyone else, or am I just being paranoid?
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