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Member since: Wed Aug 29, 2018, 09:27 PM
Number of posts: 592

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SDNY should drop an indictment against potato head tomorrow.

Put him in his place.

Benjamin Wittes' Article on Muller Report. Worth a Read. Lawfare Blog

Wittis is good.


Anybody else sick of the "pillow guy" on tv?

Makes me want to run screaming out of the room!😡😠🤯🤬

My NYT comment has 926 "recommends". Subject is yesterday's vote.

Listed under nyt picks. Name is sharon from tn.

It’s also a NYT pick!

Sharon | Tn
I don’t have words for today’s vote, except that as a public school teacher for 40 yrs, I came to work every day with my integrity intact. My paycheck was certainly different from these so-called “national leaders”, but then I didn’t have to sell my soul to keep my job. I made the right choice. When did it become more important for them to be re-elected than to keep us from the abyss?


Biden Needs To S*** or Get Off

I thought of supporting Biden but it worries me that he apparently couldn’t get small dollar donors (according to knowledgeable people) and would have to rely on big money donations. Sanders, Warren and others have no trouble with small $ donations. I like Biden, but his age bothers me, also (78) I must admit. Appreciate any thoughts.

2020 Election Mtg Tonight

Gotta start early when you live in bright red southern state. Glad to have the leader we have.👏👏

Why Call Chris Matthews Tweety?

Why do some people call him this? I made a comment in another thread, “her age is showing”, and someone complained and my reply was removed because of the age thing. What’s the difference between these two? Just wondering.

Otto Warmbier, What really happened.

This article is very well researched and accurate. Long, but worth it.



Why has MSNBC been tortuing everyone with continuous airing of CPAC?? Surely. there must be more relevant programing than this ? Maybe its been sporadic but everytime I tuned it in, there was CPAC again. Ugh!

Turns out Howard Shultz doesn't vote much.

Who knew??


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