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Member since: Wed Aug 29, 2018, 09:27 PM
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Wonderful video from Obama Foundation about campaigner with ALS


Just commented in NYT on story about Lordstown Ohio plant closing.

Sharon | Tn
I feel for these folks, but aren’t they a little guilty of ignoring the signs of progress? Technology has had a profound effect on employment and everyday life. I taught school for 40 yrs and witnessed a lot of changes in that time, but it was my duty as an employee to keep myself current. We cannot bring the past back to life again, and a nation that only looks to the past for guidance is a nation going downhill.

With His Job Gone, an Autoworker Wonders, ‘What Am I as a Man?’
Rick Marsh worked in the car plant in Lordstown his entire life. Now that job is gone. What does that mean for his politics?


Stampyoface on Etsy has a few Harriet Tubman stamps. Hurry!

United Air Lines Ad-- Harlem Jubilee Chorus perform impromptu performance on flight.


Pelosi is right.

I believe Pelosi is right because what is happening now is far worse than giving djt something to campaign on. These court cases and the charges slowly dripping out is like a slow death to him and his campaign. Trump is pissed because he wants us to begin impeachment so he can say, “oh those mean awful dems tried and failed”. Pelosi is way smarter than trump and always will be. When the financials come out, the sh** will really hit the fan.

Read Nadler's letter to McGahn. Nadler is pissed.

Back to Undecided. Not sure about Warren.

I don't think I've ever seen "talking heads" on Maddow's show. It's unbecoming.

Trumpers love liberal proposals, but still want Trump 😲😲?

‪Focus group: Trump supporters like liberal proposals but still love Trump https://www.axios.com/focus-group-trump-supporters-like-liberal-proposals-but-still-love-trump-66518863-c821-49ea-bab5-226c0b013de1.html

No wonder they vote for potatohead, they’re spuds too.

Biden/Harris Dream Ticket Article Politico

A dream ticket’: Black lawmakers pitch Biden-Harris to beat Trump
Senior members of the Congressional Black Caucus say it’s an ideal ticket if the former vice president stays atop the polls.
The Congressional Black Caucus may have found an answer to its Joe Biden dilemma: Vice President Kamala Harris.

Some black lawmakers are agonizing over whether to back Biden or two members of the close-knit caucus — Sens. Harris and Cory Booker — who are also vying for the White House, according to interviews with a dozen CBC members.

Story Continued Below

But with the former vice president jumping out to a huge, if early, lead in the polls, several CBC members are warming to the idea of a Biden-Harris ticket to take on President Donald Trump.

“That would be a dream ticket for me, a dream ticket!” said Rep. Lacy Clay (D-Mo.). “If she is not the nominee, that would be a dream ticket for this country.”

Harris is everything the 76-year-old Biden is not. The freshman senator from California is younger, a woman and a person of color. As Biden gets dinged for his bipartisan bromides, Harris is winning applause from progressives for her merciless cross-examination of Trump officials.
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