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Member since: Fri Sep 7, 2018, 01:19 PM
Number of posts: 901

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And since I had to, and since I've had a crush on her and predicted she would be

president way back when I saw her first time on Charlie Rose ( ), I am currently supporting Sen. Elizabeth Warren to be our next president.

I think she has the wisdom, grace, and the courage that can make us as proud to be Democrats as our Pres. Obama did for those eight years that I so long for today.

Godspeed, Elizabeth Warren. And take Kamala Harris with you please!

First in! And just for fun: who's going to be our next president?

I staged a DU coup and stole the first post for the 2020 Democratic Primaries!

C'mon friends! At least give me a rec!

Good luck, Democratic friends everywhere!

As we all speculate re:tRump/russia, what does Hillary know?

I mean, what does she really know? Hasn't she given us enough clues already that we can take heart that justice will be done? Or has she?

I fucking HATE republicans with a white-hot rage!

Fuck you Collins, you un-american peice of shit trying to redirect the attention to CNN and all your other stupid shit. You too, Whitaker for your diatribe on immigration!

Fuck all these goddamned criminals!!!

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