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Profile Information

Name: Stephen
Gender: Male
Home country: USA
Member since: Tue Sep 11, 2018, 07:02 PM
Number of posts: 279

About Me

We have much to learn from the world, I hope everyone gets a chance to explore at least part of the world in their lifetime.

Journal Archives

Opioid Issue

I was watching the news and Sessions announces a task force to battle the opioid crisis. They are targeting Doctors and Pharmacist.

Having worked with alcoholics and drug addicts I'm keenly aware how bad it is out there with opioids on the street. I disagree with the focus of the investigation.

Given the availability and price of opioids on the street, this is not a few doctors overprescribing or pharmacist giving too much on prescriptions.

I believe this is a cartel type operation going on, groups of people are pulling opioids from the manufacturers by the pallet and truck loads.

They are going after the small fish, I think the focus should be on the manufactures and where their Semi-trailer trucks of opioids are going and follow the $$.

$100 of dollars in kitty toys...

and they are playing in the cardboard boxes they came in...

I'm interested, with this recent storm damage...

If much needed funds are going to be earmarked for that stupid racist wall of trump's.

These storm battered regions are going to need hard currency and supplies to help rebuild. Stuff we NEED.

We don't NEED that stupid wall.

V for Vendetta

Flipping through Netflix and came across this gem of a show, which reminds me of today's turmoils.

For those that have never seen it, I highly recommend it. It describes a society that is a Republican wet dream, even has a News Network like Fox News.

Then the character V enters the Scene...

I highly recommended show for those that have never seen it.

Anyone ever use one of these

I do a lot of line pulling and I've encountered scenarios where this would have come in handy...

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