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Member since: Thu Sep 20, 2018, 10:12 PM
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I can happily vote for every candidate announced except for maybe three of them.

As a pretty critical voter I think that is pretty amazing. I'm extremely happy about the current state of the party. The three or so I wouldn't be all that happy to vote for I wouldn't necessarily be voting for them begrudgingly if they win the primary. I would still call it a good vote. I don't often find myself in this position. It's a great feeling.

Not all of us are "haters." I think that is one of the most abused words. It is used to the point I wonder how sheltered of a life some must lead. How many have actually experienced hate, outside of their own? I'm pretty critical of Biden and Sanders. Hate plays no role. It's not even on the spectrum of hate/like. With Sanders there is a little emotion involved on my part but that is not hate. With Biden it is strictly policy. I really like him as a person.

Anyway, what an awesome field. Too big? I want to say yes but I actually think there are a number of people we are running who are up for the job. That's a great statement about the party. I like the idea of a bigger field outside of the debate aspect. That will work itself out as we go along.

In my opinion primaries should be rough. Any stone left unturned is a failure. Any rough areas should be discussed over and over again. It's not hate. It's getting ahead of the game and immunizing our candidates for the general. Promote your candidate and be open to discussing the things you don't like about other candidates. I also talk about what I really like about other candidates. Don't limit yourself. It doesn't help.

On a last note. If your candidate has done something so toxic that it isn't even allowed to be discussed on DU, you probably shouldn't be supporting him. It must be something pretty bad and others won't be so kind.

Has your preferred candidate been transparent with their own finances?

Post them if you've got them.

Elizabeth Warren Tax Returns

2008 - 2017





We are recruiting college juniors and students expecting to complete school by June 2020 to spend 8 weeks this summer – June 10, 2019–August 2, 2019 – learning the art and science of being a field organizer in a presidential election.

Corps members can earn $4,000 gaining valuable career skills in leadership, project management and communication while experiencing the exciting and rewarding field of campaigns.

The program kicks off with a five-day national training led by campaign veterans where corps members will learn key skills in field and digital organizing, and data analytics. For the remaining 7 weeks, corps members will, with the help of a coach, return to their home communities and work with their local Democratic party to turn the training into on the ground learning through action – organizing neighborhoods and registering voters. In the process, corps members will build a powerful network of like-minded peers and mentors from across the country that will last beyond 2020.

The summer 2019 corps experience will give young people the skills and tools to organize their community and – importantly – get a great first job working for the Democratic presidential nominee and fighting to win across the country in 2020.


Sanders supporters, are you ready to get behind who was your first choice in 2016?

We don't have the Russians helping us. We don't have to defend her votes on Russia. She doesn't have a checkered past on immigration. She has been a member of two parties. Ya'll like that. No horrific past essays to defend. Nina Turner hates her. She has solid accomplishments to hang her hat on and does a whole lot more than yell at walls. Her ancestors helped save Christopher Columbus when he was lost at sea and for that she has earned the beautiful name of Pocahontas.

The list goes on. Get on board. Warren should be a Sanders supporters dream. More qualified. More accomplished. Actually understands policy. Just as far to the left. No where near the baggage. Doesn't need to brand herself with gimmicks as her ideas alone are the real deal.

So poke Nina Turner in the eye and jump on board the Warren train. Sanders won't mind. His first choice in 2016 was Warren as well.


London patient might be second to be cured of HIV

(CNN)A second person has experienced sustained remission from HIV-1, according to a case study to be published Tuesday in the journal Nature. Effectively, some scientists believe that the "London patient" has been cured of the viral infection, which affects close to 37 million people worldwide.

The new case report comes more than 10 years after the first case, known as the "Berlin patient." Both patients were treated with stem cell transplants from donors who carried a rare genetic mutation, known as CCR5-delta 32, that made them resistant to HIV. The London patient has been in remission for 18 months since he stopped taking antiretroviral drugs.

"By achieving remission in a second patient using a similar approach, we have shown that the Berlin Patient was not an anomaly and that it really was the treatment approaches that eliminated HIV in these two people," said Ravindra Gupta, lead author of the study and a professor in University College London's Division of Infection and Immunity.


Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders may compete for space on the progressive left in Iowa

In Sanders’ absence, Warren has now visited Iowa three times in two months and amassed one of the state’s largest field operations to date. She's already begun to subtly distinguish herself on the trail.

“I think that she has a good understanding about what the people in middle America are facing and some of the problems just in day-to-day life,” said Jan Heikes, a 64-year-old social worker from Decorah who stood on a small window seat to try to catch a glimpse of Warren over the crowd.

Heikes said she likes Sanders’ message but is ready for a new messenger in 2020.

“I’m glad to have someone else like Elizabeth Warren, who has many, many of those same values, who is running,” she said.

Desmoines Register

Time for the Sanders crowd to get on board the Warren train. Solidly to the left and only divisive if you are a Republican. She is well respected across the board in democratic circles.

DNC Chief Mobilizing Officer is now working for Warren.

It looks like a move that will be good for Warren and the DNC. Caitlin Mitchel left the DNC earlier in the year to work on EW's campaign. She is now being replaced by Patrick Stevenson who already had a role in the DNC.

DNC has also made a couple of other solid moves going into 2020.

DNC makes 3 key hires for 2020

The Democratic National Committee has filled three senior staff roles for the 2020 presidential cycle, chairman Tom Perez told POLITICO.

Muthoni Wambu Kraal, an EMILY’s List’s veteran who most recently served as the group’s vice president of national outreach and training, will take over for Amanda Brown Lierman as the DNC’s national political and organizing director. Patrick Stevenson, most recently the DNC’s lead in grass-roots fundraising, is being promoted to chief mobilization officer. He will be taking over for Caitlin Mitchell, who recently joined Elizabeth Warren’s presidential campaign. And the DNC confirmed that Brandon Gassaway will be national press secretary.

“In addition to her wealth of experience, Muthoni brings a 50-state network with her to the DNC,” Perez said in a statement. “Patrick has been an integral member of our team, and his leadership helped to revitalize our party’s grassroots fundraising. Brandon has already contributed significantly to our team and we’re excited to have him on board.”

All three bring significant campaign experience to the DNC ahead of the 2020 election, when Democrats will be fighting for victories from state legislatures to the White House.


House Judiciary Cmte. to request docs from 60+ people in Trump probe

The only committee that can recommend President Trump’s impeachment is now looking into potential pardons, abuses of power and witness tampering. Chris Jansing is joined by NBC’s Heidi Przybyla, former Republican Congressman Ryan Costello, Democratic Strategist Basil Smikle, and Business Insider Senior Reporter Sonam Sheth to dig into the House Judiciary Committee’s investigation.


Video at link

Hallmark of a crime family. When your body guard and driver becomes the organizations EVP and COO.

This guy might not know about the financial crimes but he might know who terrorized Stormy in a parking garage and where bodies are buried.

Matthew Calamari, current EVP and COO at the Trump Organization, reportedly caught Trump's eye back in the 80's when the future president saw him roughing up some hecklers at a tennis tournament.

Video at link


Can Biden secure enough of a team without announcing?

I see huge benefits in Biden holding off until April or May. He is clearly staying relevant in the discussions, will bring in serious money once he announces, and is benefiting from running without running. He has the appearance of running, is being polled as the front runner, and isn't being questioned about policy or vetted.

Two negatives. Can he secure the best team possible if he promises people positions behind the scene? Money? But with his name recognition and the length of the primary season I think he will be ok holding off for a bit.

I don't want Biden to run. I would not vote for him in the primary. I do see how strong he is and think he might hold that strength by sitting on the outside for two or three more months. This is one heck of a long primary season. I don't think Clinton announced until April.
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