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Member since: Sun Sep 23, 2018, 11:09 AM
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"FOR WHAT IT'S WORTH" Buffalo Springfield 1967

Super Typhoon Yutu/180mph wind/Cat 5 for Guam & Mariana Islands


Tropical storm conditions are expected to persist in Guam through Thursday evening local time.

NWS-Guam is forecasting the following peak storm surge inundation with Yutu:

- Saipan and Tinian: Up to 15 to 20 feet on windward sides after the storm passes west of the island, 5 to 7 feet along westward-facing shorelines
- Guam: Up to 2 to 4 feet on windward sides

The NWS is forecasting seas to increase to 30 to 40 feet near the center of Yutu, with life-threatening rip currents expected from this surf. High surf and rip currents will be felt throughout the Marianas through at least Thursday as Yutu passes through.

Here are the expected additional rainfall totals from Yutu through Thursday, according to NWS-Guam:

- Saipan and Tinian: 6 to 10 inches
- Rota: 4 to 8 inches
- Guam: 4 to 6 inches

This rainfall is likely to trigger dangerous flash flooding and dangerous landslides in higher terrain. A flash flood watch has been issued in the islands through late Thursday night.

Next week, Yutu could eventually pose a threat to the northern Philippines, Taiwan and the Ryukyu Islands of Japan.

Evacuated: Sen Kamala Harris Office is in the San Diego Union Tribune Bldg.


The downtown San Diego building that houses the San Diego Union-Tribune and an office of Sen. Kamala Harris, D-Calif., was evacuated Wednesday for about an hour after a cluster of suspicious packages was found on top of a patio table near a corner of the building.


MAXINE WATERS c'mon down & get your "suspicious package" too!



In other US terrorist news: Leader, two members of Southern California white nationalist group arres


Leader, two members of Southern California white nationalist group arrested
OCT 24, 2018 | 9:45 AM

Federal authorities have arrested the leader and two members of a Southern California white power group, less than two weeks after other members of the organization were indicted for inciting a riot in Charlottesville, Va., last year, federal authorities said.

Robert Rundo, leader of the so-called Rise Above Movement, was taken into custody Sunday at LAX.
He is due in court Wednesday morning.

Two others were arrested Wednesday morning in connection with organizing and participating in riots, Eimiller said.

The arrests come after several other members and associates of the group were publicly accused of traveling to Virginia with the intent to incite a riot and commit violence in Charlottesville last year.

Benjamin Daley, 25, along with Thomas Walter Gillen, 34, both of Redondo Beach; Michael Paul Miselis, 29, of Lawndale; and Cole Evan White, 24, of the Northern California city of Clayton, were arrested earlier this month.

For more than a year, authorities say, the group has caused trouble across California, at political rallies in places including Berkeley and Huntington Beach. Much of the violence at the Charlottesville rallies was captured in photos and videos, screenshots of which were laid out in an affidavit prepared by an FBI task force officer.

From Lawferlaw Twitter:

Good Question! Where else were they headed.
The White Supremacist Fight Club was trained in California

CNN- Blitzer saying CNN Bomb Package was addressed to John Brennan

Former CiA Director John Brennan
President Barack Obama
President Bill Clinton
Sec of State Hillary Clinton
Democratic Financier & RW critic, George Soros
DNC head & Dem Rep Debbie Wasserman Schulz

Think about the message & power of these people.
Think about who has relentlessly drove the Media message against them.

Have you been party to this message of hate against Democracy? Know anyone who has believed the message of hate for these political leaders, fed us via Media?

CNN - "We are being evacuated right now at time warner center in NYC"

"The moment alarms went off live on air due to a suspicious package at CNN, while reporting on suspicious packages being sent to former presidents"




Wilber Ross is on the board of 'The Hill'. Just F.Y.I


And from Eric Garland, May 2018


Trump Today: "He's not "Lyin' Ted" anymore. He's "Beautiful Ted."

"He’s not “Lyin’ Ted” anymore. He’s “Beautiful Ted.”

On his way to a Texas rally for Sen. Ted Cruz, President Trump said that Cruz is no longer “Lyin’ Ted,” as Trump called him during the 2016 presidential campaign. Trump called him “Beautiful Ted” and “Texas Ted.”

(Not linking the Video to DU. But it is out there on google)

Beautiful Ted
Liar no more Ted

How embarrassing

Canada has almost run out of weed two days after marijuana was legalised

Not sure if this has been posted. It was reported in yesterday news, 20 hrs ago.


Canada has almost run out of weed two days after marijuana was legalised

"After just two days Canada has already started running out of weed with police being called to help at some stores.

There were long queues and reports of shortages across different parts of the country with some being unable to buy cannabis.

After waiting seven hours in line at a store in downtown Montreal on Wednesday, a man who only gave his name as Alexandre, 30, said he was turned away at closing at 9pm. Police stepped in to disperse the crowd, without incident."

Other people have been shocked by the relatively high prices ranging from Can$5.25 (£3.09) per gram in Quebec to $18.99 (£11.16) per gram in Saskatchewan.

Before it was legalised the average price per gram was $6.79 (£3.99).

Genevieve Despres, 41, was one of the lucky ones to make it inside the store on Wednesday. She described the scene in line as ‘super friendly, we sang, we laughed, I made friends.’

‘I do not usually smoke but since it was a historic day for Canada I thought I’d try.’

Despres smoked bought pot with a low level of THC, the psychoactive agent in cannabis.

‘My God it’s the bomb!’ she said – and returned with friends Thursday to buy more

In Ontario, Canada’s most populated province, 38,000 orders for weed worth about $750,000 (£440,850)were processed in the first few hours on Wednesday, while in neighbouring Quebec 42,000 orders were processed in-store and online, smashing all expectations.

Canada on Wednesday became the world’s first major economy and only the second country in the world, after Uruguay, to legalise the recreational use of cannabis and embark on the controversial experiment in drug policy.

Liberal Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has defended legalisation – the fulfilment of a 2015 campaign promise – as intended to protect young people and to shut down drug dealers.

But there has been pushback from some doctors and the opposition Tories.

Good Read

Wish we had a Justin Trudeau

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