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Scottie Mom

Scottie Mom's Journal
Scottie Mom's Journal
August 20, 2023

SoCal DUers' Hilary Check In

Where are you and how is Hilary treating you?

I'm between Torrance and San Pedro in LA County. Cleared off all of the wicker furniture and pillows on the porch, took in front door decor and brought in anything light, secured the trash cans. Took down my Scottish Terrier house flag and the flag pole.

No winds...yet...rain, just sprinkling right now.


Tropical Storm Warning: Affected Areas: LAX, Long Beach, Redondo Beach, Santa Monica, Torrance...WIND WARNING


August 11, 2023

The Protective Order DC Court: How soon will tRump violate it?

My opinion: Today.

He has to by this time know info which under the order he may not disclose...and he will do it because he believes it can or will cause another riot like J6 and it will solidity and/or bring voters into his base.

What the hell does he have to lose? If the judge confines him (jail, house arrest, ankle bracelet), he will make himself the victim. He will also use it to raise funds...see, the Obama judge and the Biden DOJ took away my First Amendment Rights, etc.

I say, confine him repeatedly...first time, big news, but as each application continues, IMO except for the hardcore MAGAts, people are gonna move on. Also, it may give others a taste of what could happen to them if they disobey this judge.

All of the above: JMHO

August 1, 2023

Today's Indictment!

I'm reading it and as I am reading it, it is soooooooooooo fucking great in the facts and the charges...


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