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Scottie Mom

Scottie Mom's Journal
Scottie Mom's Journal
September 26, 2023

So let's think about this...what assets does TFG now have control over?

What all do the Trump businesses own and control? This is a NY state case, but their fingers are squarely in assets outside of NY State, like MAL and the golf course in Scotland. There is a receiver in charge and, if anything like a BK, he/she has the responsibility of using the assets for those who are owed money -- in this case because of the fraud committed by the Trump businesses.

So whaddabout:

The airplane? His cars? Use of MAL? Support for Melania? Campaign monies? Etc., etc. A receiver is now in control. I am LMAO...can you imagine TFG having to ask to use his airplane to campaign? I wanna see him in a middle seat on Southwest with a screaming baby next to him with TFG holding a bag of chips and a Diet Coke in a plastic glass and with someone's carry-on intruding on the space for his feet.

This could get really, really interesting!

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