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Hometown: Whitehall, OH
Home country: USA
Current location: Australia
Member since: Thu Sep 27, 2018, 06:37 PM
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Same as denem before 2016 election day.

Journal Archives

538: 'Biden was Clearly Stronger Tonight'

'Candidates Punch Up At Biden ó And He Remains Standing, For Now'; 'Biden Does His Homework, But Nobody Really Gets Schooled'; 'Biden Fights Back; America Asks For Shorter Debates'; 'Biden, the comeback kid'.

Biden was clearly stronger tonight, although the bar after the June debate was admittedly low. But like last night, it doesnít feel like there was a clear winner. In terms of the candidates who didnít have such a good night ó Gillibrand needed to do well, but I donít think she landed her attack on Biden as well as she could have. That could have been a moment for her.

Biden with a very strong debate performance. He got attacked by a lot of people and generally handled it well.

Bidenís final closing pitch wasnít creative, but it got at the fact that Democrats desperately want to get rid of Trump.


The Winner Tonight: Elizabeth Warren

in so many ways.

538: This is the kind of debate you wanted if you were Warren or Sanders

(to stay in the news cycle).
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