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Hometown: Whitehall, OH
Home country: USA
Current location: Australia
Member since: Thu Sep 27, 2018, 06:37 PM
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Joined DU as lamprey in 2007, renamed as denem after the primaries. Took a long break after the hack.

Journal Archives

How can I install Borderwall software on my PC?

I’ m worried about the MS-13 update. Heard some bad things about it. Goes straight through your firewall. All automatic like an AR-16. I’m worried about the kids. I want a family friendly homepage, not women tied up with duct tape.

MS support were useless. I don’t want to be notified. I need an ‘I don’t want to know so don’t tell me’ option.

Emergency. Help.

EDIT: My friend Patsy said she could install Borderwall for 5.7 bitcoin. She said I was probably talking to Bangthelaw, an offshore Indian Reservation near Mary Lago beach. She said I didn’t need to do this. It’s not an emergency but be on the lookout for maggots near the PC. More dangerous than MS-13. Apparently.

Patsy has a beautiful laugh. She laughs a lot. I feel better now.

❤️ One for the ages ❤️

How good is your memory?

You may think you remember the GWB years pretty well, particularly towards the end. Well, maybe.

After Agent Orange this morning I thought I’d look up one of W’s speeches. I ended up on his financial crisis address.

I was surprised - and not all in good way either. IQ45 does not make W look good IMO.

Anyway, if you can stomach it, here’s the video.

This Is Dementia

He needs a mental exam, not just a physical

'Trump just destroyed the USA' - RW

I’ve been looking for an article that might explain an 11th hour push to get Trump to veto the CR. This is the best I can do within the bounds of sanity

‘Trump just destroyed the U.S.A.’: Why these furious right-wing Trump supporters think he just got duped in the border debate

Alternet https://www.alternet.org/2019/02/trump-just-destroyed-the-u-s-a-these-furious-right-wing-trump-supporters-think-he-just-got-duped-in-the-border-debate/

The lunar right believe that the Democrats have booby trapped the CR and Trump is the booby

Daniel Horowitz, a conservative writer, an op-ed for The Blaze denouncing the bill after it came out, noting that it’s complexities and the rush to pass it pose many dangers for the president ...

On Twitter, he argued that the legislation is actually the “worst amnesty bill ever,” arguing that provisions will allow undocumented immigrants to stay in the country by sponsoring unaccompanied minors.

Local Vetos
Writing for the National Review, Mark Krikiorian, the executive director of the anti-immigrant Center for Immigration Studies, argued that the bill itself will offer a veto to localities if they don’t want border walls built on their land.

“And which party controls all local government in South Texas? Go ahead, look it up, I’ll wait,” he wrote. “Rio Grande City is the least Democratic community in the area, and even there voters supported Hillary Clinton in 2016 by more than three to one.”

Ann Coulter has her own ideas There's no coming back from this. No "emergency" or presidential powers will allow him to build the wall, ever, after he signs this bill

I have no ideas what she’s going on about.

The fact is, wishful thinking or orthwise, Wingnuts think Trump might be having second thoughts.

UPDATE: Trump is hesitating on signing the CR

The RW sphere has gone berserk saying Pelosi has stuffed the CR with Booby Traps.

One provision above all has got them barking. Local councils can ‘veto’ fencing in their areas.

Smoke or Fire? He hasn’t signed.

(Veto apparently means negotiate on deployment for up to six months, with an appeals process? following if there’s no resolution)

Here's what that 'Big Beautiful Wall' looks like

Under Construction in New Mexico

2020 Contenders: The more we know them, the more we like them (538)

(With the exception of Mayor Bloomberg)

What surprised Nate et al is they couldn’t find signs of Elizabeth Warren’s ‘negative baggage’ The people who knew her, liked her. A lot.

W Speechwriter Latimer: 'Trump is turning America into a banana republic'

We’ve from heard a lot of handwringing from conversatives who startoff with ‘No one could possibly have imagined ... . This one doesn’t. He’s says ‘I’m a fool’

Trump’s National Emergency Is Great News for Future President Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez
by Matt Latimer

I hope President Donald Trump and his short-sighted supporters have been enjoying the fun they’ve had at the Green New Deal’s expense. Unfortunately for them, the president’s plan to declare a national emergency, which the White House announced Thursday and which could allow Trump to build his wall without congressional approval, may have just made a Green New Deal inevitable in 2021 - or whenever he’s out of the White House.

By now, we’ve all become numb, alarmingly so, to the nutty ideas the president of the United States has floated or in some cases enacted to undermine the basic norms of our democratic institutions: firing FBI personnel on various pretexts, discounting election results he doesn’t like, befriending vicious dictators, claiming judges are biased based on their ethnicity, alleging massive voter fraud without evidence, ignoring intelligence findings he doesn’t agree with, and on and on and on. But as bizarre and dangerous as these have been, his plan to declare a national emergency is by far the absolute worst.

Shame on any “conservatives” who roll their eyes, shrug their shoulders and let him take this path because they are sick of arguing with him. (You know who you are.) This is going to backfire on them in a major way—and the tragedy is that every one of them knows this. The core of conservatism has always been a distrust of a powerful national government and the necessity of imposing restraints on it. That’s out the window now, like nearly every other tenet that held the movement together.

I used to laugh when my more progressive friends warned me that Trump wanted to turn America into a third-world banana republic. He’d never pull that off, I’d tell them. The Constitution will stop him. Members of Congress will stop him. The GOP will stop him. Now, I’m the one who is the fool. I’ve tried very hard to restrain myself from frantic pronouncements, but this national emergency declaration is the closest my friends have ever come to seeing their worst fears realized. Is there any other way to see it?

Two things - 1. They’re scared of the Green New Deal aren’t they? 2. If Convservatatism is about ‘imposing restraints on powerful national government’ then W’s merry band of war-at-any-cost neocons were drooling rabid radicals.

President Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez now has a remit to bypass Congress to get her Green New Deal

-Washington Examiner
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