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Same as denem before 2016 election day.

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Trump Repeatedly Pressed Ukraine President to Investigate Biden's Son

Source: WSJ

President Trump in a July phone call repeatedly pressured the president of Ukraine to investigate Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden ’s son, urging Volodymyr Zelensky about eight times to work with Rudy Giuliani, his personal lawyer, on a probe, according to people familiar with the matter.

“He told him that he should work with [Mr. Giuliani] on Biden, and that people in Washington wanted to know” whether allegations were true or not, one of the people said. Mr. Trump didn’t mention a provision of foreign aid to Ukraine on the call, said this person, who didn’t believe Mr. Trump offered the Ukrainian president any quid-pro-quo for his cooperation on any investigation.

Mr. Giuliani in June and August met with top Ukrainian officials about the prospect of an investigation, he said in an interview. The Trump lawyer has suggested Mr. Biden as vice president worked to shield from investigation a Ukrainian gas company with ties to his son, Hunter Biden. A Ukrainian official earlier this year said he had no evidence of wrongdoing by Mr. Biden or his son.

After the July call between the two presidents, the Ukrainian government said Mr. Trump had congratulated the new president on his election and expressed hope that his government would push ahead with investigations and corruption probes that had stymied relations between the two countries.

Read more: https://www.wsj.com/articles/trump-defends-conversation-with-ukraine-leader-11568993176

Ukraine: We're Ready to Investigate Biden's Son--if Trump Asks Officially

The Daily Beast, September 20, 2019

Ukrainian Official: We’re Ready to Investigate Biden’s Son—if Trump Asks Officially

KYIV—Ukraine is ready to investigate the connections Joe Biden’s son Hunter had with the Ukrainian natural-gas company Burisma Holdings, according to Anton Geraschenko, a senior adviser to the country’s interior minister who would oversee such an inquiry.

Geraschenko told The Daily Beast in an exclusive interview that “as soon as there is an official request from the Trump administration, we’ll look into it,” but “currently there is no open investigation.”

“Clearly,” said Geraschenko, “Trump is now looking for kompromat to discredit his opponent Biden, to take revenge for his friend Paul Manafort, who is serving seven years in prison.” Among the counts on which Manafort was convicted: tax evasion. “We do not investigate Biden in Ukraine, since we have not received a single official request to do so,” said Geraschenko.

His remarks last week came amid widespread speculation that U.S. President Donald Trump had made vital U.S. military aid for Ukraine contingent on such an inquiry, but had tried to do so informally through unofficial representatives, including his lawyer Rudy Giuliani and Giuliani’s adviser on Ukraine, Sam Kislin.

#ClimateStrike in Australia - Biggest protests since the Iraq War

100,000s turn demand immediate action on Climate Change


Working Families organizer told 'I'm so happy you were raped'

Working Families Party Staffers Face Harassment After Warren Endorsement

(snip) WFP organizer Ember Ollom, a rape survivor who has tweeted about her assault, received a message that said: “We were raped by this process, so I’m happy it happened to you.” When Ollom tweeted about the harassment, more people responded to tell her she was lying.

Staffers also received messages and tweets that vowed to “hunt all WFP down” and said “may you all get cancer.” One staffer received a threat that someone would find where she lived.

The backlash began after the party, which has an organizing presence in 20 states and is on the ballot in three, endorsed Warren’s 2020 bid on Monday after endorsing Sanders in 2016. The endorsement, one of the first from a progressive group, was seen a triumph for Warren and a setback for Sanders, who has praised the Working Families Party as an example of “my vision of Democratic socialism.”

In the days since, WFP staffers were inundated with messages calling them “liberal sellouts,” “corporate frauds,” and “just as corrupt as the DNC,” often accompanied with the hashtag #BernieorBust. It was not immediately clear how many of the messages were sent by real people, how many were sent by right-wing agitators, or how many were sent by bots.

“I do not personally think that Bernie Sanders would condone this behavior,” says Ollom. “It’s not all Bernie supporters, but people are doing this in his name. A lot of people have their picture as his profile picture. When it seems to come from a collection of people speaking on behalf of this candidate, it definitely looks bad.”

In response to requests from TIME, Sanders’ campaign declined to offer further comment.

Working Families calls on Sanders Campaign to denounce racism, threats of violence.

"We refuse to concede to white terror from the Left as well as the Right."

Since endorsing Elizabeth Warren, Working Families leaders have been on the receiving end of extreme racial abuse, and threats of violence by self identified and well known supporters of Senator Sanders. They have drafted a letter addressed to the Sanders Campaign: We demand that the Sanders campaign unequivocally denounce the racism in its ranks, and issue a public statement separating themselves from these abhorrent attacks.


This week, the Working Families Party (WFP) issued an endorsement of Presidential contender Elizabeth
Warren. ... And apparently, some folks aren't happy about it.

(WFP) leaders ... are being threatened on a daily basis, by self-identified Sanders supporters, with hateful, violent and racist threats ...These kinds of threats have no place in our movements, and are reminiscent of the threats Black people would receive when daring to vote even though the white supremacists would try and discourage
Black people from doing so.

The virulent, racist attacks on these leaders are unacceptable and dangerous. What do we do when
racism and sexism is present in progressive movements? What is the prospect of strengthening
democracy when old habits just won't die?

Many of us, the undersigned, are no stranger to these kinds of attacks—too many of us receive threats
like these ones every day because we dare to organize our people towards freedom. But if we hope to
take back this democracy. if we dare to struggle for electoral justice. if we really want a world where Black
Lives do in fact matter, all of us must take a stand against these real and persistent threats.

Online attacks, threats and smears against Black leaders are unacceptable — especially when there is so
much at stake for our movements. While we punch horizontally, those who have real power over our lives
take advantage of our disintegration and our disorganization. Bemie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren and
perhaps a number of other candidates would be much better than what we've got now. And that is the
real fight ahead of us.

We refuse to concede to white terror from the Left as well as the Right. We can argue about the
differences between Sanders and Warren. but not if we can't be distinguished from our real opposition.

As Black leaders in this movement. we are calling on each other to keep reaching for each other. even
when it gets hard, even when we disagree, even when we're disappointed. We demand that the Sanders
campaign unequivocally denounce the racism in its ranks, and issue a public statement separating
themselves from these abhorrent attacks. And we call on our movement to recommit to the real fight
ahead of us....


Obama's worst day as President.

The candidates can promise action, but without the Senate, we get nowhere.

Berners rejoice: Sanders' support is getting smaller and that's a good thing.

We stand to benefit greatly from ideological-purity - Reddit / Way Of The Bern

Thank you Elizabeth Warren, you're the reason Bernie's base is now majority-minority working class!

If many of you have noticed that your wealthier often whiter friends who supported Bernie in the 2016 primary now vehemetly support Warren, this is not an isolated phenomena. Warren's base is 70% white and consists largely of professional-class gentrifiers who hold a strong presence in the DNC establishment. Have no fear, Bernie's base is over an order of magnitude greater than this time in the '16 primary and consists of a diverse working class coalition not seen in US politics since the Great Depression. Warren's candidacy has hence functioned as an effective purge of petit-bourgeois "progressives" who have no place in Bernie's support base anyways! We're on average more left because of this shift, and stand to benefit greatly from the ideological purity that it affords. So thank you Elizabeth Warren, for ridding us of the liberals bottle-necking our new party's radical agenda!


There's nothing like a purge.

India is banning all e-cigarettes over fears about youth vaping

Source: CNN

(CNN) India on Wednesday announced a complete ban on the sale of all e-cigarettes, saying the devices posed a health risk, especially to young people.

"Unfortunately, e-cigarettes got promoted initially as a way in which people can get out of the habit of smoking cigarettes. It was to be a weaning process from using cigarettes," Indian Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman said Wednesday after a Cabinet meeting.

"The Cabinet rightly thought it is time and we immediately took a decision so that the health of our citizens, of our young, is not thrown to a risk," she added.

Sitharaman said the deaths of seven people in the US following vaping-related sicknesses had added to local concerns about the impact of e-cigarettes on people's health. Hundreds of people are being treated for lung illness in 36 US states and researchers are investigating if those illnesses are related to the use of e-cigarettes.

Read more: https://www.cnn.com/2019/09/18/health/india-e-cigarette-ban-intl/index.html

The ban covers the ban will cover e-cigarette production, manufacturing, import, export, transport, sale, distribution, storage and advertisement.

India is the second biggest market for cigarettes and tobacco products. From Wikipedia: There are approximately 120 million smokers in India. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), India is home to 12% of the world’s smokers. More than 10 million die each year due to tobacco in India. According to a 2002 WHO estimate, 70% of adult males in India smoke.

U.S. official says drone and missile attack on Saudi Arabia was launched from Iran

Source: CBS News

The United States has identified the exact locations in Iran from which a combination of more than 20 drones and cruise missiles were launched against Saudi oil facilities over the weekend, a senior U.S. official told CBS News national security correspondent David Martin on Monday. The official said the locations are in southern Iran, at the northern end of the Persian Gulf.

Saudi Arabia's air defenses have been aimed south for months, to protect against missile attacks launched by Iranian-backed Houthi rebels in Yemen, so they were useless against the missiles and drones coming in from the north, the official told Martin.

One of the missiles flew through Kuwait's airspace and the U.S. is working with a number of other countries to analyze data on the attack, which could help make the case against Iran.

A U.S. team has been on the ground at the oil facilities and identified the specific types of drones and cruise missiles fired, Martin reported. The wreckage was moved to a facility outside the Saudi capital of Riyadh, where it will be used to make what one U.S. official called, "a very compelling forensic case" that Iran launched "a complex and coordinated attack" on Saudi Arabia.

Read more: https://www.cbsnews.com/news/iran-saudi-arabia-oil-attack-us-official-says-attack-launched-from-iranian-territory/

Next Up: The exact location of King Solomon's mines, and Saddam's WMDs.

Can anyone imagine the Catagory 6 pain John Bolton is experiencing right now.

The Administration is 'locked and loaded' on Iran, and he's nowhere near the trigger.
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