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American citizen, veteran, liberal, and a proud Democrat.

Journal Archives

NYT op-ed on impeachment of DJT...The People vs. Donald J. Trump

The People vs. Donald J. Trump

By David Leonhardt (Pulitizer Prize winner for commentary in 2011); makes a pretty strong case:


It’s not only that Trump is unfit to be president and that Republicans know it. It also may be the case that they will soon have a political self-interest in abandoning him. If they did, the end could come swiftly. The House could then impeach Trump, knowing the Senate might act to convict. Or negotiations could begin over whether Trump deserves to trade resignation for some version of immunity.

Finally, there is the hope — naďve though it may seem — that some Republicans will choose to act on principle. There now exists a small club of former Trump administration officials who were widely respected before joining the administration and whom Trump has sullied, to greater or lesser degrees. It includes Rex Tillerson, Gary Cohn, H.R. McMaster and Jim Mattis. Imagine if one of them gave a television interview and told the truth about Trump. Doing so would be a service to their country at a time of national need. It would be an illustration of duty.

Throughout his career, Trump has worked hard to invent his own reality, and largely succeeded. It has made him very rich and, against all odds, elected him president. But whatever happens in 2019, his false version of reality will not survive history, just as Nixon’s did not. Which side of that history do today’s Republicans want to be on?

Given the day's events, sometimes you just need some Benny Goodman...


Krupa on drums, I believe...

Try to not start moving your feet...

Happy Thanksgiving to all of my fellow misguided children who were injected, inspected, detected

infected, neglected and selected!

Hope you all have a Thanksgiving dinner that COULDN’T BE BEAT!


As the bard himself said:

“It’s celebrating idiocy you might say,” Guthrie said in 2005. “I mean, thank God that the people that run this world are not smart enough to keep running it forever.”

Peace out and Happy Thanksgiving.


Great story from Mother Jones laying out the realities of the operational situation at the US-Mexico border.


Trump's orders will be dragging these soldiers away from their families at Thanksgiving and from training for their next actual deployment over the winter.

If it weren't so sad, it would be fucking comical.

What if you had an "invasion" and nobody came?

Fox Sports staff are idiots

Don't know if this will post, but apparently they mistook Sandy Koufax for Bill Nye at last night's Boston-LA game.


Today's highlight from the campaign trail...

If an actual Democratic candidate, rather than Trudeau's character Melissa, started talking like this...


Trump admits he's a coward...

AP asks why he has yet to visit US forces in a combat zone:

And he defended his decision to break from his predecessors and not yet visit a military base in a combat zone, claiming it was not “overly necessary.”

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