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Member since: Fri Oct 19, 2018, 12:32 AM
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Here's a link to David Holmes' opening statement

It's an important read:


Ooooooooo...with audio.

A difficult, defining moment in my life occurred the day she testified, and the ground felt like shifting sand under my feet as I plugged more money into the campaign against susan collins in lieu of watching it live. I felt like I could protest from afar.

I don't know who this group is, but thank you, am with y'all.

(Don't about worry that day in my life - things worked out as best as they could. I couldn't tell at the time, though. It just goes to show that you can play by the rules most all of your life, then have the greedy and power hungry try to upend your world by breaking the rules at the worst possible time.)

Handsome Boy Modeling School - Breakdown (feat. Jack Johnson)

So nice on a Saturday, whether having lunch in the courtyard with neighbors or just testing out new speakers.

This wider angle view of the tRump-putin-ukraine-syria nexus

Makes me shudder. I'm gonna chew on this topic for days - is an eye-opening post, Hortensis.

Whoa...Volker: "is there some GRAND BARGAIN with Russia where we throw Ukraine under the bus."

Thanks for bringing this up, OAITW. Had a busy day yesterday, and missed this detail.

On edit: all-capped, grand bargain, as it deserves to be yelled from the rooftops.

Support MadDogPAC and Jaime Harrison

I believe signs like these work. They let hidden Democrats and free thinkers know they're not alone in tRumpland.

And goodness, MadDogPAC has expanded the offerings in their online shop. I highly recommend perusing the pages of hilarity and on-point items. I've been giving them money for months, but I'm totally gonna buy some of their swag.

Also, don't forget, graham has an opponent to $upport: Jaime Harrison - he's awesome: https://jaimeharrison.com/

Gosh, that last one is cutting

Ive read the timeline, processed it, but dang, tRump's treachery against Ukraine is laid stark through Bell's illustration. Angers and saddens me anew.

Am sharing it around.

And, a big thanks to JHB for posting toons everyday - I always look for them.

Sometime ago, you may have had a friend...

Going through something you've sorta been through before, and they do something that is wildly different than you'd have chosen to do. And just then, you learn something new. This post is to a Brian. I'd call that a friendship, and he's a part of my chosen family.

This is a call out to those with chosen families.

Luntz, the propagandizer for the party that ate decency...

Needs to STFU.

He and all the maybe never tRumpers should thank that booing crowd for showing that this country still has an immune system against tyranny. One that can recognize when the supreme pathogen is in their midst.

Show him respect, luntz moans? Does he mean, bow, clap, and pretend that everything is just fine? The pResident goes from ivory tower to tower, then golf$, then leads a hate rally with a gallon of hand sanitizer hidden in the podium. Hes a disgrace to the office he holds, and deserves to hear some negative feedback when he singularly wanders from his comfy environs.

Is outrageous this is occurring in 21st century America.

The attitude of the collections attorney is chilling. He feeds upon the downtrodden without guilt and enjoys the quiet of his economically depressed town. Hes in such an ugly bubble of his own making that to call someone a Hassenplug (his name) could be an epithet rivaling any of those lobbed at tRump.

On edit: I had to revisit the must read article and was compelled to comment further on how astoundingly awful a hassenplug can be.
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