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Current location: Texas
Member since: Fri Oct 19, 2018, 12:32 AM
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Nice! Glad they've returned

Just love my backyard visitors. Have had a nice mix of finches, cardinals, and titmice at my feeder at the same time, too. Then the sparrows take a shift dining. Gold finches and warblers are a rare sight. I get the occasional cedar waxwing.

White winged doves stay busy at the seed tray on the ground. One in particular dubbed, Hinky, has stuck around over the months after injuring a wing. The grackles have their own large water dish where they hold pool parties.

Your original post without edits was, at best, misleading...

And at worst, an intentional takedown.

A lot can change in nine years. Like how legalization has gained broad support among the American people over those same years.

Additionally, one of the best qualities that I see in Biden is modeling how older folks can take on changing times. If he is still stuck on, gateway drug speak, then it needs to come from candidate Biden, not vice president Biden.

Btw, I like Harris. She is on my list of favorite candidates.

Thank you. I now feel 19% better today than yesterday.

And not just because the nights of insomnia finally stopped. Good toons. Learned and laughed, I did.

Good golly, y'all should here Biden talk about unions

Made me tear up, watching Biden talk about the importance of unions before the electrical workers union a few weeks back. I realized then that he had the stuff needed.

Now, that said, I am smitten with other candidates as well. I'm giving to three at the moment. More after I get my tax refund, etc.

Warren is a real deal, knows how it all works... Amazing force to reckon with. As an economics degree holder, who graduated just before the recession, I have been a major fan of hers for years.

Could not believe the crowds Beto could draw in Texas. Inspire the salt of the Earth folks and progressives who feel betrayed by a state government rigged-up to stay red. Saw this with my own eyes, I did. I adore how he can deliver an in-depth, egalitarian message without flinching.

Buttigieg, Inslee, and Harris have caught my attention as well. I am thrilled that there are so many class act, grade A, excellent dem candidates out there shining a beacon of light thru the swampy fog that trump expects us to lie down in and just accept. Well, I'm not doing it.

I'd rather spend my spare nickles on candidates than on that new pair of shoes, or fast food, or whatever other thing that I prolly don't need. If dollars are free speech, then I'd like to be heard right now.

One turd in 17,000 gallons of water, is still, a turd in the pool...

This article raises more questions than it answers. I need to know more. Would be nice to have a president that cared about the realities of Russian propaganda efforts online and such that he would plainly tell the public how concerned we should be, what he's doing about it, but wait, no ... He benefited from it and has done his best to exonerate himself away from any floaters.

I am shocked by the low numbers of ads in key states. If the online ad targeting is indeed of significantly lower effect, than say, the DNC hacking and Comey's reveal of investigation into Clinton, well, okay... I'm ready to accept that. I'll keep reading til I'm satisfied with what's being reported here.

Until I get to the bottom of it, I still will know that Hannity and Co have been dumping bags of manure in the deep end for years.

I'd like to see this up again

If possible, perhaps this could be reposted?

Otherwise, kick!

We must reclaim the discourse on reproductive rights

Texan here, aghast at the latest women hating policies from the GOP. They have lost their damn minds. I'm frequently in deep red areas of Texas, and have some kind of influence among my conservative family members. I bring up politics about once a quarter with each, any more often and I'd lose my mind. I don't shut away from abortion discussion, because of some false need to respect religious views. It ain't about religion folks, it's just plain logic.

I use two lines of reasoning when explaining why pro choice is not pro abortion:

1) I have used the phrase, "it is because I am for more life that I am pro choice". Depending on the person, I might say, I'm pro choice, because I'm pro life (this cause great, in the moment confusion... Then they might listen). Then I quickly follow with, if the goal is to for a society to have fewer abortions, then it needs to remain safe and legal. Then I say something like if your goal is to shame women and increase abortion rates, then take away women's healthcare including contraception and legal abortion. Then, in the air, I draw the chart of the rate starting at 1973, steep climb to 1980, then gradual slope to the early nineties. I explain that the spike in the rate after Roe v Wade was likely due to underreporting. Then I might go on to question why abortion rates are the same or higher in countries where it is illegal.

2) Here's my less than scientific point that'll make people chuckle: All else being equal, if men birthed babies, getting an abortion would be as easy as shopping at a Sam's club.

New material: I recently met a woman who had have a medically necessary abortion in the early 1950s. It saved her life as she battled an illness. She would go on to have three kids and seven grandchildren. Stunned me. Incenses me that men in some marbled building would have the gall to wedge themselves between a woman and her doctor.

Tell your right wing family members why you are pro choice. Don't argue about religion, just try to get some logic and information to them. I think just getting any question into their mind is helpful, because there's so much bad information that has them trapped. Makes me so mad we even have to have this debate again.

Biden's speech this morning lifted me out of morning mopes...

I needed to hear that the US, despite all its malcontentedness, can take on the future. I didn't expect it to come from Joe Biden as he spoke before the electrical workers union.

I switched my endorsement from O'Rourke, as I want to give Biden a fair shake to get in the race. I want to hear more from him. I reserve the right to jump back to Warren or O'Rourke... And will view campaign speeches from all the others.

Chris Hayes' coverage of the speech was so narrowed, and yeah, a 'hit piece'. I needed to be reminded of corporate influence over media coverage of candidates, and that I need to experience what each has to offer. If I only relied on msm today, I might not have heard such strong support of union workers, job creation, education, and egalitarian values. He got my attention today.

How does a post become pinned?

I think the 866-OUR-VOTE post from middle of last night needs to be up for election day. I'm new and no clue how to get a post more attention once it's been out for hours.

Thanks for your time and attention!

GOTV! Go Dems! Go Beto!

Ohhh, wise one...

TheFerret! You might be my favorite on DU for your satire and wit, but eh, it's hard to say...So very many good heartfelt posts. I do credit you for partially pushing me to become a deputy voter registrar in a couple counties in Texas. I'm not sure what it was you said, exactly, but I took your word, and I'm GOTV. Please keep up your good work.
I'm new here to posting, but I've been reading a long-assed time.
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