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Current location: Texas
Member since: Fri Oct 19, 2018, 12:32 AM
Number of posts: 4,903

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I've really enjoyed ❤️ week

And would like to give all my heart-givers an extra . Had a nicer week just because you spent a moment on my behalf.

Has been good to hear from some of those who donít post as much as they used to ó am looking at you, Maeve 💙.

Iím so very fond of DU and DUers, itís not even funny. Except for when it is, and then, sometimes itís maddening, but I love it here all the same.

Fight for them to do this the right way: subscribe to a McClatchy paper

Right now. Today.

Hereís an example of why Iím a digital subscriber to the Miami Herald:

No signs, no gate, few guards: Are Mar-a-Lago intruders actually trespassing?
FEBRUARY 12, 2020 10:20 AM

The lack of security infrastructure at President Donald Trumpís Mar-a-Lago club seemingly contributed Wednesday to the exoneration of a Chinese woman accused of trespassing.

Lu Jing, 56, told the court Tuesday that she understood club security ďdidnít want me thereĒ after she went through the open front gate of the private, members-only club in Palm Beach on Dec. 18. She left, only to return to the presidentís primary residence through an un-gated service road accessible from South Ocean Boulevard. Prosecutors called Luís escapade into Mar-a-Lago a ďcalculated decision.Ē


Also, while on their site, I broke one of my rules and clicked on some banner ads (even though I donít want any cowboy boots - like ever again in my life).

Oh yeah, I've enjoyed seeking those handles

I remember from years ago or some frequent posters that maybe somehow landed in the doghouse just recently who I think should have more, and then thereís those who I might disagree with a lot of the time, but nonetheless make me think a little harder about some something. I have enjoyed the process, and I feel like I know personalities on DU better for it.

I received more hearts yesterday, and it really is a lovely boost. Iím still finding more folks to give hearts to this morning, and have already gone well over my original budget, but meh, itís worth it - is too much fun.

All that said, am glad hearts week is for a limited time, as I like the rather sublime just-another-voice quality that DU provides.

Happy Valentines DU ❤️

Get a DOJ.... trunks for bootlicking

Is good stuff, JHB. Still has me chuckling at the end of the day.

Well put.

Superbly concise.

Am journaling to comment more later, as I must go run around the snaggle-toothed cinder blocks at this time.

Better late than never

Thank you for all that you do.

Link to the underlying reporting:


I ❤️ my heart givers.

This is the first year Iíve really been able to experience the heart giving on DU, and it is pleasing to thank the voices I look to by showing them a little love. Am humbled that anyone on this site included me in such a gesture.

Iíve been sober for a little over four weeks, now, and is partly another way for to say thank you and love you to my favorite forum of all time.

Here's my anecdotal two cents:

My grandmother wants to vote for Warren in the primary. Sheís well aware of whatís been going on, dislikes tRump as much as I do, watches local and national news some, reads the local paper, but isnít terribly sophisticated in all the particulars that regulars on DU tend to be.

Sheís remarked with some frequency that Warren makes good sense, and has the primary marked on her calendar.


Am journaling for when I need to read this again. Well done, to the two of you.

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