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Once presidents across this nation start leveraging congressional funds

against foreign governments for political gain then common law may resolve to federal statutes.

Til then, the Senate can start with our one pResident and say that the pResident canít misuse military aid to help his reelection prospects, and can further say his actions functionally arise to a form of attempted bribery (aka the abuses of power) only achievable at the presidential level. There is no referring to the statutes, because they donít apply presidentially.

And no, dersh, Iím not going through the looking glass with you and Iím not smoking what youíre pushing. I disagree that the only way to save our democratic ways is to turn the country into a de facto dictatorship. So, iow, he can just EAT ME.


Thanks for bringing that in. Am sharing it around.

Journaling the House Intelís realtime debunking of the WH Ďdefenseí.

Eta: Link to the House Managers press conference after the Ďdefenseí teamís appearance. Is another great round of debunking: https://www.c-span.org/video/?468583-1/house-impeachment-managers-hold-news-conference&live

******* Senate Impeachment Live Thread 2 - 1/25 *******

Live Thread 1: https://www.democraticunderground.com/100212908351

******* Impeachment Live Thread 1 - 1/25 *******

Rachel is about to play the tRump Yovanovitch tape. Right Now!

Parnasís attorney has been on discussing how theyíve turned the tape over to the House.

Is less of a trial and more of a triathlon of injustice

*If* mcconnell gets his way, the trial will be grueling and rushed:

At 1:00pm on Wednesday 1/22 the senate will commence hearing dispositions and votes to arrive at the voting on the resolution for the rules of the trial.

After which he thinks the following constitutes an impeachment trial:

1. The 24 hour sprint: each side to layout their case for a total of 24 hours over two session days. Thatís two twelve hour days starting at 1:00 pm ET on Wednesday 1/22. This means each day will adjourn in the middle of the night.

2. The 16 hour essay writing: time to write up questions for the final round or to submit into the ether for historians to wring out muzzled statesmanship.

3. The 2x4 hours of jabbing: each side gets 4 hours to deliberate at the other

Once this brown acid test of a trial peaks in all its awfulness, mcconnell expects Senators to beg for it to end, and move to foreclose calling for witnesses. He wants tRump to be able to claim exoneration at the State of the Union on Feb. 4.

Is cruel and unusual punishment for Senators with the temerity to be in office during the tRump pResidency. Is unreasonable and a disgrace to this country. It will be a painful display to witness IF he gets his way.

Oh, and heís not allowing the Houseís record to be automatically submitted into the proceedings. Gonna have to have a vote on that, because mcconnell is a terrible person.

These are my rapid takeaways. Please comment if I got something wrong. Am gonna have to clear my schedule for the week.

(Edited to correct the date/timing and emphasize that this is Moscow Mitchís conception of how this should go. See onenoteís very helpful corrections below.)

Cooooool. Makes me want to sign up for twitter

Just so I can go around flagging bots. Is a brilliant thread from Wittes, as I think I now have a better grasp of how to spot bot type responses just from the nature of the posts.

Is somewhat cathartic going over his thread defending Lisa Page.


And is one more petty and cruel mistake he's made

Heíll pay for this, as will his supporters whose children will be harmed as much as any other group, but I just wish heíd leave the kids out of his maniacal vengeance splurges.

Michelle Obama did a good thing, and he canít take that away from her. Thatís not as easy as taking fresh fruit and vegetables away from the nationís schoolchildren.

Biden opposed the Gulf War (1990-91) from the beginning

Is it possible that he could have had long-standing resistance to military action against Iraq, but reluctantly voted for action after 9/11 based on the bush administration push with claims of WMDs, etc? Yes. Seems he DID have a different idea in his initial work with Lugar, and before the unfortunate vote (see below).

I wonder if this is what heís meant all along, but hasnít been able to explain for reasons that canít fit into a sound bite for these gotcha moments.

And if he seems defensive, perhaps thatís because holding up his vote for the Iraq War (2003) as evidence of being some kind of unilateralist warhawk is inconsistent with his record and reputation. No one insinuates this with Bernie, and really shouldnít with Biden either.

References below pulled from citations 121 & 127 as seen on Joe Bidenís Wikipedia page on January 8, 2020: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Joe_Biden


Senator Joseph R. Biden Jr., Democrat of Delaware, scorned the other members of the anti-Iraq coalition, "a coalition that has allowed us to take on 95 percent of the sacrifice across the board."


When the current Bush administration began pushing for war with Iraq, Biden was less enthusiastic. He had voted against authorization for the Persian Gulf War in 1991. Now he joined Lugar in drafting legislation that would have authorized the president to take action to eliminate weapons of mass destruction in Iraq but not to remove Saddam Hussein.

And the two senators wanted to require United Nations authorization before any military action could be taken.

Biden was undercut, however, by House Democratic Leader Richard A. Gephardt, who got behind a more sweeping war authorization. Biden nonetheless voted for the war authorization.

Recommended reading

For putting the various actors along the timeline leading up to the hit on suleimani, and set against the backdrop of Pompeoís kooky rapture zealotry.

Am fortunate that I lucked into getting a liberal education. I chose a long time ago to be secular, as I saw/learned of the abuses and cruelties that some Christians, etc. have perpetrated over the course of history. I will never understand how so many people could think that breaking the Ten Commandments will somehow give them a shortcut to heaven.
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