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Trump lied again.

11 U.S. soldiers were injured in Iran missile attack despite ...
9 hours ago · 11 U.S. soldiers were injured in Iran missile attack despite initial claims of no casualties CNN Destruction left at the Al Asad base in Iraq after it was struck by Iranian missiles

Intuitively obvious to the most casual observation.

Bernie will pay for it all. His most important agenda is overlooked. His attack on Wall Street will erase the only mark on his record. He voted for Gramm’s CFMA. By rectifying that and other right wing legislation that drains money from the economy there will be prosperity, growing expanding prosperity. That will fill the Treasury coffers to bursting. Reforming Wall Street will put money back into making stocks valuable for what they earn and not what the DOW deceives people into buying. Futures will go back to protecting weather perishables instead of the gaming action that it now is. Everybody will benefit.

Curious how they date this January 17th.

Friday, January 17
Race/Topic (Click to Sort) Poll Results Spread
New Hampshire Democratic Presidential Primary WHDH/Emerson Sanders 23, Biden 14, Warren 14, Buttigieg 18, Klobuchar 10, Gabbard 5, Yang 6, Steyer 4, Booker, Bennet 0

Went back to link it and its gone!!

Conspiracy, do they make these up???

Did Warren end chances for both her and Bernie?

Lot of people believe that in the 2016 election that Bernie supporters upset at treatment of Bernie voted for Trump. So what did Warren think would happen if she cost Bernie the nomination?

What happens if Bernie drops in the polls by Warren saying on National TV that Bernie said a woman couldn’t win?

Somebody as smart as Warren should have known the potential consequences. She made a bad choice in the most important choice of her campaign. I like all the Democratic candidates but Bernie is my top choice. If Bernie is hurt by Warren and Warren gets the nomination I would still vote for her. I think it was a dumb mistake by Warren but she still represents what I believe in.

After the debate the commentators didn't mention Bernie

through the first part of their discussion. When they did talk about Bernie it was to try and make something out of a 2018 conversation that Bernie had with Warren. I believe Bernie’s version about how Trump would attack her. Elizabeth didn’t try and make anything out of it other than say yes he did say a woman couldn’t get elected.But the commentators didn’t say anything about her plans and they said she “won” the debate based on Bernie saying a woman could not get elected. Bernie pointed out that technically Hillary was elected with a 3 million surplus popular vote.

This country exists on collective bargaining and compromise.

If you are a lefty and you compromise then you are a centrist. If you are a centrist and you compromise then you are a righty. I don’t want anybody representing me that has already compromised before the negotiations start. Obama is above and beyond a champion. I can still hear his monumental 2004 convention speech. And it is unbelievable that he proudly and determinedly marched into office in the midst of one of the greatest calamities of our country. I have always liked Joe Biden. He is the original owner of 1967 300HP 350CI Corvette. I love Corvettes and I used to manufacture and sell kits that raised and moved forward the Vette manual seats. My wife and people shorter than 5’7” have to look through the steering wheel to drive the older Vettes. Obama and Biden are two of my favorite people. But they are representative of a legacy. I don’t want anybody for president that is working from a compromised position and all of their legislation resulted from compromise. I want somebody that wants to right the wrongs of sixty years of concessions to the right. A lower working class family of today has approximately the same wages as the same class sixty years ago. I want somebody that knows the difference between shareholder and stakeholder for President. I want somebody that knows that living wages for the lower class means they will be spending our country into prosperity. I don’t want somebody that comes from a position that will have to give up some of what we have already won in order to compromise a law into existence.

I look forward to Bernie advancing into the sights of attackers.

He is absolutely guilty of wanting a better life for the victims of an economy that has bypassed working for a living. Big money has streamlined the flow of money past making products to sell. Now money goes into actual formerly illegal betting on outcomes with one party working to make companies fail. Example:

WASHINGTON — At a Midtown Manhattan steakhouse last June, William A. Ackman, the activist hedge fund manager who had bet a billion dollars on the collapse of the nutritional supplement company Herbalife, offered his latest evidence to a handful of other hedge fund managers about why the company’s stock could soon plummet.


Bernie can be attacked for trying to make amends for trillions of dollars owed by students for financing for profit college.

Trump eliminated individual mandate. Health Insurance will skyrocket.

Will that happen fast enough to show people how Trump is to blame for higher healthcare premiums?

CBS special report just said USA confident that Iran shot

down the Ukrainian passenger jet. What now Trump ????

In my thread about Bernie the solution it was said:

“ lots wrong with our society“.

How did we get there?

Top 1% probably don’t think they have been wronged.

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