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Member since: Fri Oct 19, 2018, 03:17 PM
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Journal Archives

Republicans Attack Procedure Silent on Content

With apparently nothing to lose why not vote on and open Impeachment hearings to public. Then Republicans would have to challenge testimony that is supported by the WH released transcript of the July 25th phone call. A phone call that marks the beginning of concessions negative to USA interest. USA Troops being stoned while retreating. Public access to impeachment hearings would check Republican main offensive to impeachment.

Student loan fraudulent swindle

All students that make less than $75,000 a year should use the Trump University Lawsuit as precedent and sue to get all their college loan fore-given.

ďAs borrowers struggle to keep up with their payments, Sallie Mae flew more than 100 employees on its sales team to Hawaii to celebrate $5 billion in sales.Ē

Trump moves the target from Syria border to all USA.

Reparation for 9/11 is scrapped. Start all over again.

Wealth tax to eliminate billionaires !!!

No better proof for the possibly tragic example given by Donald Trump.

There is no quid pro quo

just like Trump didnít give Turkey the green light to attack the Kurds.

Crowd noise holds game up over 45 minutes.

I remember watching a 1969 Johnny Unitas led Baltimore Colts game that was held up by crowd noise. After a short while the delay became the important event of the game. I was with friends and a fair sized group of Coltís fans at a forerunner of sports bars in Aberdeen, Maryland. We started cheering every time the fans started another game stopping roar.

Every now and then I research crowd noise and that 45 minute delay is never mentioned. Anybody here have any knowledge of that crowd delayed game?

Is Barr saying he won't testify a separate issue

from appearing? I think there is no excuse for not appearing independent of your actual proposed actions before the committee. In other words Barr is in contempt unless he appears. He can remain silent if he wishes but he must remain silent before the committee. So is he in double jeopardy? Trump can order him to not testify under privilege or whatever but if Trump orders him to not appear then are they both breaking the law if he doesnít appear?

Sanders removed from the bottom of my posts

as candidate of choice. I havenít done anything to change that. Itís still shows in my profile. Anybody know what might have happened?

Bernie cancels events.

Bernie Sanders hospitalized with chest pain, campaign events canceled
By MaryAlice Parks,Josh Margolin,Kendall Karson
Oct 2, 2019, 11:23 AM ET

Bernie Sanders cancels campaign events until further notice after heart surgery

Duration: 03:36 43 mins ago

Trump is on a crash course. Is he attempting to

declare authority over the legislative branch? His speech and threatened actions appear to be a declaration of supreme power. His talk for sure is undermining the rule of law at the highest level.
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