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----Bloomberg touts taxing the poor: 'Do you want to pander to those people?'

Incredible for a Democratic to take a stand against the poor. He demeans poor people to the level of animals. Taking a stand against the poor is not good.

I do apologize for citing the “Washington Times”. It is public information that Bloomberg wanted to tax or ban sugary drinks starting in 2012. Since it was generic information I paid no notice to the source. I had no knowledge of the Washington Times but being familiar with his banning taxing sugary drinks since 2012 I did not question what was public information. I again apologize for citing a right wing conservative source. My position on everything I have posted is far left progressive. I have absolutely no problem with banning sugary drinks. The only reason they are not banned is pandering to suppliers and vendors. If there is any honesty in concerns for health then sugary drinks would be banned.

----"Here in GA you get free tuition from the lottery if you're grades are above X."

Grades qualifying for any type of educational assistance is wrong. It perpetuates the income gap and poverty class. The National Interest is served by free education. A rapidly accelerating progressive income tax code sustained by a dedication to higher paying wages would finance prosperity. Realigning with taxes the value of stocks dependent on earnings would stabilize and sustain prosperity. Consumerism is the only solution to providing living wages. There are zero waste and emission factories now. That debunks that poverty is necessary for clean air. There is no justification for any kind of discrimination regulating access to education. The right wing has ingrained its perception that assistance is bad. The country can increase wages and GDP without pollution.

Where is the actual pile of cash???

“The pool of 3,000 companies held about $2.7 trillion in cash as of their latest financial filings, off about $100 million from the year-earlier period”

Does somebody have the answer to where the actual pile of paper currency is kept??? Seriously, I have thought about this for years and have no clue. I’ve seen the allusions to drug money on pallets in storage sheds but where does BP , Apple, Microsoft etc pile their actual cash. Do they have large vaults ?????

Why is money allowed to be removed from the economy???

An economy depends on money to function. The last 50
or so years have trended into GOP laws making it easier to remove money from the economy converting high velocity fluid money into private hands for the purpose of accumulating wealth. Taking profits by liquidating assets into cash and then sequestering the cash in privately held funds, foundations, trusts, security instruments.....strangles the economy contrary to the National Interest. Money has to be regulated back into the economy. Money can be used to build, buy or finance but not accumulated for the sake of creating large cashes of money. Allowing money to be accumulated for the sake of creating large fortunes is no different than damming up a river at the head of a valley to deprive the valley of life giving water. Either spend money or lose it.

Two things every thanksgiving. One is cooking a turkey to render

stock for gravy. I stuff a well seasoned turkey with peeled warmed fruit and quartered Vidalia onions capping it with sticks of seasoned cultured butter rolled in finely perforated self basting aluminum foil nested on top of quartered vegetables in 2 quarts of stock. Start roasting midnight at 180 degrees. Monitor with two digital probed thermometers. When deep internal temperature reaches 160 kill heat and let it set til reaching 165. The result is falling off the bone juicy tender cooked turkey in about a gallon of the most unbelievable tasting turkey/fruit stock. The rich fruity broth is drawn off to make the unique savory gravy.

Second is a desert I created called Strawzagna. Built like layered lasagna. Pasta is replaced with pie crust, tomato sauce replaced with slightly gelled sliced strawberry filling and the ricotta replaced with New York Style Cream Cheese Filling. Three layers of pie crust, strawberries and cream cheese filling. Refrigerate to solidify and serve cold. Wishing a safe happy holiday season to all.

Bloomberg Announces running like accepting the nomination. God cannot create a humble billionaire.

Bloomberg gives me the impression he is waiting for an expression of gratitude for him taking the nomination. He has already contradicted himself with the typical billionaire attitude that anything he does is a blessing. Here is a typical action of a billionaire taking action on his flock:

"On May 30, 2012, Mayor Michael Bloomberg announced the Portion Cap Rule, a proposed amendment to article 81 of the New York City Health Code, that would require "food service establishments" (FSEs) to cap at 16 ounces (475 mL) the size of cups and containers used to offer, provide and sell sugary beverages"

Whose decision is it to determine how people make it through the workday. The Extra large 44 ounce 79 cents for all sizes iced drinks are probably responsible for hydrating the labor class during hot summers.

The world would be far better off in outlawing the wine and cheese psychosis of formulating Democratic Strategy.

There are already enough people giving us the benefit of their existence in telling us how to live. What we need is somebody that wants to help us to live.

Stop gun violence now. Something like random searches for

guns. Anything other than guns has to be ignored. Confiscated guns and return after 5 days if nothing illegal is found. Otherwise people continue to die while other legislation awaits action.

Easy student loan money inspired massive lavish college

expansions to get more student loan money. Consequently education suffers at the expense of expansion.

“FSU has an additional $508,784,335 in construction spending planned through the year 2022.”


FSU has an additional $508,784,335 in construction spending planned through the year 2022.


The Growing College-Degree Wealth Gap
A new report demonstrates a stubborn chasm between rich and poor students earning bachelor’s degrees.
The nation’s colleges continue to graduate far fewer students who grew up in poor households. With the country’s economic potential possibly hanging in the balance, a new report urges the United States to dedicate more resources and know-how to closing the college-completion gap between wealthier students and those from low-income backgrounds.


College grads can't find work despite strong jobs report - New York Post
Aug 6, 2018 · That's a drop of 489,000 jobs for America's most educated. Those with slightly less education aren't doing so great either. From the same set of BLS data — Table A-4 from Friday's report — the number of people working who had some college or an associate degree fell to 37,533,000, compared with 37,648,000 in February.


Total U.S. student loan debt is $1.6 trillion, and 2018 college grads with loans owe $29,200 on average.

What did we get from 1.6 trillion dollar payment from college debt.

FSU trustees approve $1.7 billion operating budget

A large chunk of the $1.7 billion operating budget approved Wednesday by the Florida State University Board of Trustees will go toward boosting academic offerings, hiring top professors and providing student success services.

Seems like they should already be there.

Income gap helped or hurt by college.

Sean Spicer Booted as bad as losing Kentucky for Trump

He was the worst dancer from the start and although receiving even insulting reviews from the judges the popular vote kept saving him. I am sure it was Trump supporters who voted contrary to his horrible dancing to keep him in. Trump tweeted in support of him during the voting. Well, getting booted shows there is limited and or dwindling support for Trump. And this sign came from the masses. It is beyond comprehension how Spicer could suffer the insulting demeaning comments from the judges and not quit on his own. Goodbye Trump.

If Bloomberg really wants to do something

he should buy Fox News Channel and make it a Democratic Channel.
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