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Money spent is not money wasted.

Money spent spurs an economy . Money wasted is money in trusts and money securing non product trading derivatives. The purpose of money is to facilitate the trading of goods and services. Money was not intended to facilitate the transfer of wealth by and to oligarchs. The definition of an economy which is the trading of goods and services has been distorted into the transfer of wealth. An economy is a living institution. It is not single events designed to maximize profits and remove them from the economy. A factory designed to produce a product is an institution. Stripping a factory by selling off assets is a criminal act in economic terms because it ends an institution. Accumulating large numbers in stagnating trusts and foundations is not an economy and not capitalism. There is no positive term to describe spending cuts by a government. A government is not intended to destroy itself. A government should insure the wealth and health of a democracy by taxing low velocity money into spending. Democratic capitalism should ensure a healthy economy by directing profits back into the economy. The results of too much money in too few hands is subjugation. There comes a point when wealth becomes meaningless and control becomes the gratification. Control is the business of government not lucky individuals. Having it your way subverts democracy and government. Democracy is about the many not one.
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