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Trump running a different race.

Trump has a rock solid base. He can pick up the votes to win in his say anything to win campaign. He is already on record promising healthcare to everybody whether able to pay or not. Total lie and no republican would support it. But it will swindle votes from the millions of people that can’t afford premiums, copays or deductibles. Racist racial rabble rousing rallies will pick up more votes. It won’t cost him votes because he never had the humanitarian vote in the first place. His Jobs promise gets a boost from the widely lauded booming economy. False booming because working class wages are still stagnant and nobody knows how many new jobs go to one person. But he picks up more votes. MAGA gets a boost from him challenging to “Love it or leave”. Don’t forget there is a legacy of exceptionalism that denies equality. Lastly is his immunity to loss of support from negative issues , scandals or actions. Pelosi recommended: “Don’t take the bait, just stick with health care, good-paying jobs and clean government.”
With most democratic distancing from Universal Healthcare Trump wins with his promise everyone gets insurance. Same with all the rest of his promises. Winning the election from Trump will require out promising him on all his promises citing Republicans won’t support Trumps progressive promises. Democratics need to point out that they are the party that traditionally carries out jobs and healthcare improvements. Trump has to be out Trumped starting with Universal Healthcare. A centrist campaign will throw the election to Trump.

Spending is not waste.

The right wing has thoroughly alienated people against government spending analogizing it to wasting money. Any spent money creates jobs and adds to the economy. Spending 3 trillion dollars a year to provide universal healthcare would lead the economy to real prosperity. Spending us good. Conserving money is bad. Only a very small segment of self interested people could argue for spending cuts. Besides energizing the economy into prosperity Universal Healthcare would show that human rights are really human rights.
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