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Prosperity comes from spending money.

Money has to be spent into the economy to have prosperity. Probably half the people spend every cent they get their hands on. They are the heart of an economy. Getting into the upper 25% they spend a small portion of their discretionary income. Get to top 5 percenters and up and they spend a negligible amount of money into the goods and services economy. Bad citizens not concerned about the national interest or spreading prosperity. Money was crated to facilitate goods and services. Money taken out of the economy and put into trusts or used as security to give value to worthless paper is lazy deadbeat freeloading money. Laws like the Glass Steagall Act of 1932 need to be reinstated. Monetary Control and policy are needed to insure that money is used only to trade in Goods and Services. If a person has everything they want and need and they don't want to invest in jobs producing businesses or buy real estate but they buy some false futures or put their money into trusts then all non working money should be subjected to a 75% luxury tax. Preventing growth is against the national interest. It is no different than living at the head of a river valley and damning the river creating huge beautiful lakes. Starving the people down river denying them water. The government should issue those people bonds for their stagnant money and spend the money back into the economy. The top percenters remind me of Scrooge McDuck. Scrooge used to (Probably still does) sit on mountains of money in his vaults admiring and loving his stagnant non working mountains of money. Humanitarian law says Scrooge was guilty of preventing prosperity. That applies most certainly to third world billionaires. They use credits and special dispensations to abuse the environment and economies to amass billions of dollars. Just as wrong as making millions of dollars working to eradicate poverty. Wrong wrong !!!! Money needs to be spent?!?!?!

Bill Gates is okay with new higher taxes on the super wealthy .

Remember this: “In his book, Bill Gates talks about life
RULE 1 ... Life is not fair; get used to it.”

Glad we can count on his support for Warren’s wealth tax.
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