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1.5 billion dollars in security aid asks for a favor.

The implication is you will be waving sparklers at Russian tanks if your investigation doesn’t find two crooks. Is there any doubt who the real crook is?

Disregarding supeonas is dictatorship.

Continuing to disregard and hold yourself above laws is simply the beginnings of a dictatorship. The deciding factor is the Armed Forces.

Trump's working for the people defense not looking good!

When announcing the Treasury note long term short term yield rate inversion one important thing was left out. What caused the rate inversion was the long term rate falling not the short term rising. This indicates long term losing confidence of investors and sales dropping. Add this to lowest working class wages in 40 years and record numbers of auto loans defaulting.*

Last data on home loan delinquency rate has uptick from November 2018 to December 2018home of .5%. ** All of the top 7 Democratic candidates poll beating Trump in the 2020 election from 5% to 13%. Add to that Rudy Giuliani
contradicting himself and losing his temper on live interviews and it doesn’t look good.***



***The Daily Beast
Giuliani Admits He Asked Ukraine About Biden Seconds After Denying He Did in Insane CNN ...
Sep 19, 2019 · No, actually I didn't,” Giuliani said when asked if he'd asked Ukraine to ... the former New York City mayor repeatedly contradicting himself while


Gates onboard with extra taxing for wealthy

“Self-made billionaire and Microsoft cofounder Bill Gates would also like to see higher taxes levied on the top earners. "I think you can make the tax system take a much higher portion from people with great wealth," he said”


He probably understands money has to be put in the economy and it is easier and cheaper to let the government dispose of his billions.

Not only to show Trump he can't mock the law

but he is using illegal threats to possibly incite dangerous actions from his supporters. Saying all the illegal things he would like see happen is rallying his supporters to come to his defense. He has no right to paraphrase illegal speech inciting actions to his defense. Letting him spew murderous actions is worse than extorting Zelensky.

Is Trump breaking the law again by threatening the

essence of the Whistle Blower Protection Act. Trump is espousing every thing to the extreme that the Whistle Blower Act is to protect against. From what he has said so far. I think the Whistle Blower should get a Personal Protection Order on Trump. Trump may already be guilty of violating laws with his threats implicating murder. Would be a good reality check to shake the dictatorial throne.

"though" is the quid pro quo

When Trump talked about releasing the funds he used the word “though”. Then he asked for a favor. “Though” prescribes a condition.

Learn to pronounce
despite the fact that; although.
"though they were speaking in undertones, Philip could hear them"
however (indicating that a factor qualifies or imposes restrictions on what was said previously).
"I was hunting for work. Jobs were scarce though"

“Though” is the new “is”.

Many one event from homeless

Adults Would Struggle to Find $400, the Fed Finds


The reality is many people are one event from becoming homeless living in today’s world with wages the same as 40 years ago. The real danger is the susceptibility of desperate people to promises. Trump has to be reconciled to his actions before.......

Zelensky from playing president

to being president with no political experience.

“Volodymyr Zelensky had absolutely no political experience when he became Ukraine’s president after an April election he won in a landslide”.


The working class would benefit the most from

progressive programs. So what are they hearing???

Going to come into your house and take your guns.

Medicare for all is to expensive even tho thousands are dying earlier and suffering more.

A candidate proposing left programs that will help you can’t get elected because the rest of the people don’t care that you will die because you can’t afford medicine or treatment.

The leading candidate doesn’t care that you are making the same as you did 50 years ago or that you can’t scrape up $400 because he is not going to rock the boat with any equalizing laws.

Better start talking to the other half or they’ll become deplorable.

Biden promises wealthy donors he would not 'demonize' the rich - POLITICO
Jun 19, 2019 · Former Vice President Joe Biden told a room of affluent New York donors on Tuesday night that he doesn't think it's appropriate

Promise middle class will do well and wealthy will do very well and poor will see some light.

That’s not gonna work Joe.
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