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Suspending twitter accounts for criticizing Trump.

Loyalist and strategist.

I think strategist should be given some leeway in posting to call attention to weak spots in a candidates campaign. Supporting a candidate unquestionably can bury and deny short comings.

What does "Message Auto Removed" mean?

There is a potential for millions of new homeless people and families after the virus.

Power companies are suspending disconnects. The problem is for the people out of money is they won’t be able to make up for two months of power bills. The preventative solution is for the Covid-19 bill to reimburse power & utility companies for missed payments. I can see a lot of families losing cars to title loan companies. A lot of horrible ramifications for people that weren’t able to have living wage jobs.

Two ways to be in the top .001.

1. Own large thriving manufacturing businesses eliminating poverty. Promoting Prosperity, health, consideration.

2. Own large foundations and trusts that remove money from the economy creating poverty and suffering.

What makes #2 equal to and surpassing number 1? Why are #2 leaders respected admired people?

The enabling words to shun the poor and their misery by celebrating wealth: “ "You will always have the poor among you, but you will not always have me.” John 12:8

Why would he in one sentence eliminate any responsibility to humanity? Approve wealth without responsibility?

The only way to save humanity is to show the fallacy of great wealth having no consideration for the poor? Seems to me that great wealth that benefitted the masses would have a higher eternal reward.

Somehow you will always have the poor needs to be changed to poor no more. A people focused society would have in place a response to immediately confine and eliminate Covid-19. Nobody would be saying that would cost too much.

Trump has highest approval ratings ever

Totally doesn’t make sense. Trump has some of his highest ratings ever. Positioning himself as wartime president makes me think he is getting ready to drop martial law hammer.

And: In 2018, he weakened the country’s ability to respond to pandemics when he decided to dismantle a National Security Council directorate at the White House charged with preparing for them. His Interior Department failed to update a pandemic plan that was first prepared over a decade ago. His administration failed to restock the Strategic National Stockpile, America’s store



On face the nation this morning Margaret was talking to the head of

one of the major air shippers. He said his business is doing good. He also said that China is about back to 90% operational with no new cases of Covid-19. While Trump et al are still preaching doomsday with no relief until September or so.

Can anybody explain this. I'm trying to figure out how Covid reproduces and what it lives on.

ImageSino Biological Inc. › research › virus
Web results
Coronavirus Replication - Sino Biological
Coronavirus replication entails ribosome frameshifting during genome translation. ... Released virus can infect other cells and can replicate within the parent c

This got lost in another post so I am reposting.

Trump has caused immeasurable and possibly irreversible harms to society. He double talks, ignores, lies, insults and ridicules and yet his popularity and approval grows. The coming election can be lost by ignoring his power over his base. To be defeated it first must be realized that he already has a leading advantage and a rock solid base. Biden can win if he puts forth a positive campaign to uncommitted voters. If Biden never again mentions Trump’s name he will be better off. Ignoring Trump if possible. If debates are unavoidable then Biden has to show that the people are what is important. Trump will be promising everything Biden does. Biden wins by showing the Democratic Party has a history of support for the working people and although Trump will be saying the same things the Republican Party has a history of undermining the working class. The message is that the only way to get what Trump and Biden both want is to defeat the Republican Party. The Republican Party can be shown to having a historical record of denying help to the working class while passing laws to help the upper class. It can be shown that

many more laws have been passed to give more to the upper class while very few and very limited laws were passed for helping the working class.

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