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3rd Degree-2nd Degree-1st Degree-1st Degree Hate Crime

1st Degree Murder Hate Crime should be the charge.

Demand loyalty monitored by retribution.

Is that the business plan Trump learned at Wharton.

Yelling fire in a movie theater by a person is protected free speech

But is repeating “fire” when you know it is false protected under free speech? Is social media given a pass for the sake of economic gain? Just like people in power are held to a higher standard (supposedly) does social media imply validity certification?

What kind of country is this where people are threatned physical

harm about wearing preventive masks in a pandemic? It’s the kind of country that has a president with no moral or truth considerations for what he says.

There is only one thing that will resurrect Trump's economy.

Trump will have to dump billions and billions of dollars into the hands of people who will spend it. The people he lies to and despises. The Working Class!!!

Payroll tax cut would be the beginning of the end of Social Security.

Trump would be delirious to end the payroll tax because that would be the beginning of the end of Social Security and Medicare et al. Trump would reserve his place as the lowest despot in history.
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