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Only N-95 and more restrictive masks offer protection to wearer.

“Cloth masks “protect the environment from the wearer, whereas respirator N95 masks protect the wearer from the environment,” Dr. Natasha Fuksina, an internal medicine physician with Astra MD Health in Newark, New Jersey, explained to Healthline.“


Why didn’t the Wartime president Trump immediately commission emergency production of N-95 type masks. The fed was pumping hundreds of billions into the stock market to shore up the market so why couldn’t billions be pumped into immediately making every person in the USA the owner of many N-95 type masks.

Face masks with plastic device on front are probably worthless.

Valves on face masks are one way. Typically they restrict intake drawing more air through the filtrate. Conversely the valve is free flow to exhalation meaning any infected breath reached out just like unmasked. “Immediate attention”

How does Trump fight violence?

Trump sends to Portland perfect examples of what Portland protesters are protesting and fighting against.

Missouri Gov speaks like Nazi Doctor.

Missouri Governor Mike Parson said he is certain kids returning to schools will get infected with coronavirus, but they'll also "get over it" by resting at home for a few days.

He is guilty of criminal intent for humanity. Somebody better call attention to this Nazi now before silence implies approval.

Trump claiming war time president status should be indicted for doing nothing to stop Covid with the

greatest resources of the world at his finger tips. He should have commandeered industry to generate surpluses for existing protective gear and to generate new gear to trap, isolate and destroy Covid. Not one penny was spent on personal protective gear. He let the free market deal with life saving equipment and supplies. The pentagon could have engineered air handling devices of all sizes that pulled air from ground level disinfecting then returning clean air. Units of all sizes from home to hotell could have been developed and propagated throughout the country. Developing face masks that could effectively trap or filter expelled air instead of masks that have no property to deal with exhaled contaminated air. The pentagon that is expert in destroying irritants could have designed devices over night to deal with Covid. Our presidents plan to deal with fatalities was to designate them collateral damage to save the economy. Be very wary of a President that can go on TV and deride, criticize and promise to eliminate fair housing with the same arguments that the KKK and radical racists and segregationists used 60 years ago. And little outrage is expressed toward hm. Face reality and recognize that no activity from racists does not mean they have reformed, it only means they have been temporarily stifled. Good only succeeds by overwhelming, not converting. Remember that he started his campaign with outright lies that contradicted himself. His first utterings in 2015 were that American workers get paid too much and he wants their wages to be low and competitive. And the very next week he is promising to make America great again with lots of good paying jobs.
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