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Member since: Fri Oct 19, 2018, 08:49 PM
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Interesting response to anti-mask--would this work?

Ran across this on FB. Who knows if the person really did use this response but it's brilliant. (Can't find the link to the original FB post as it's not on my timeline anymore, but it amused me so much I had made a screenshot).

"Yesterday I was standing in line at a local store. I was wearing a mask, but the woman behind me wasn't. "Those masks don't prevent COVID," she said. I told her, "Not really, but didn't you hear about the new spy technology Biden has enacted to keep track of all of us? The mask blocks that facial recognition software and the government can't track us." She said "really? Where'd you find that out?" "I saw it last night on Fox News. They had the machines on there and everything and showed how wearing a mask makes it useless. We can really prevent Biden's plans if we wear a mask." As I left I heard her on her phone telling someone. "

Biden doesn't want to give student loan relief to kids who went to private schools?

I hope this was just a poorly worded statement:

“ In reference to student loan cancellation, Biden said “it depends whether or not you went to a private or public university.” Specifically, Biden referred to potential student loan cancellation at schools like “Harvard and Yale and [the University of Pennsylvania]”

My daughter worked her *ss off and got into Stanford. We’re in that dreaded income range that it’s towards upper middle class so we’re always barely above the income cutoff for stimulus, etc. We live in a very expensive state (CA) and we have 3 kids we’re helping put through school. All three had to take out loans and we’re dipping into our savings. But because my kid got into Stanford by busting her butt she will be penalized? That isn’t right. Not every kid that got into a private school is high income. Wow.


I take major issue with Joe Biden's work visa plan

I can't believe I'm saying this, but I actually agreed with something Trump did which was to severely restrict H1B visas and to change the lottery system with a wage based system. Joe Biden states he will overturn all of that.

I'm in IT and I can't tell you the number of times that I or someone I know (including my husband) has been laid off and replaced with a cheaper H1B worker. To add insult to injury, in order to get severance we've had to train our replacements. The whole idea behind H1B visas was to allow companies to hire foreign workers WHEN THEY COULDN'T FIND THE EXPERTISE IN THE U.S. So why is the person being replaced by the H1B worker training them?

Well, it just happened again. The company I work for, a major hospital chain, just laid off 75% of IT and outsourced them to foreign workers. We are all training these new workers, many of which lack the experience to do the job. We're talking a hospital and patient safety, not just lost revenue if a system goes down.

Corporations blatantly abuse the H1B visas and it hurts US workers as well as the H1B workers replacing them. The idea behind a wage based system was that an H1B worker had to be paid the same, or more, than his US counterpart. This makes sense to me because if the purpose of the H1B visa is to fill a need that can't be filled by a US worker, then why not pay them a fair wage? Using a wage based system prevents corporations from replacing US workers to please their shareholders, and it prevents the Corporations from grossly underpaying their H1B workers.

Sorry, just so tired of this.

Interesting podcast from lawyer who sued hospital on behalf of 80-yr old COVID patient - Ivermectin

I just stumbled across this podcast with the lawyer who sued on behalf of the family whose 80-year old mother was in the ICU with COVID, given a 20% chance of living. Family wanted doctors to administer Ivermectin but the hospital refused after initial dosage (after which she improved enough to be taken off ventilator but started going downhill when her second dose was refused).

Very interesting insider details on the timeline of events. The lawyer also mentions another patient who family had to sue to get Ivermectin prescribed. In this case the hospital called the husband in as the patient was dying and wasn't expected to live. Finally got the Ivermectin administered and the patient stabilized within a few hours.


Here's what I don't understand. Ivermectin isn't something new. It's been used in humans for over 30 years. It's routinely used "off label" for scabies treatment. Why not allow "off label" use for COVID?

"MAGAt" not happy about mask mandate

I have to admit, I didn’t realize this was satire until the very end. (This guy is Canadian, does comedy)


Anyone been following Ivermectin use against COVID?

Ivermectin has shown some promise as having a powerful antiviral effect on COVID. I heard about Ivermectin v COVID a few weeks ago but wrote it off as the new hydroxychloroquine “miracle” hype. However, new data has come out which is showing this anti-parasite drug might actually be effective.

The FLCCC has added it to their COVID protocol (the FLCCC rules hydroxychloroquine as NOT effective BTW).

Hope it’s ok to post this info. I don’t take it as quack science based on the new information coming out. This drug has been used in humans across the world for over 30 years so the safety data is known. Not without some side effects but overall very safe.

I dunno...interesting..

Dr. Andrew Hill of University of Liverpool (and WHO consultant):


FLCCC COVID protocol analysis:

Page 17 shows a chart of the various treatment protocols and effectiveness (based on FLCCC analysis):

Drug reverses age related decline in mice within days of first dose--also may treat ALS/Parkinsons

According to this article this drug could also open up potential breakthrough therapies for diseases like Alzheimer’s, ALS and Parkinson’s.


Flu cases WAY down due to COVID measures

Happily (and not surprisingly) flu is waaaay down due to all the precautions taken for COVID. Though there is an increase in flu shots being given, that's not enough to account for flu being down 98% in the US and only 51 positive cases out of 83,000 tests in Australia, Chile, and South Africa combined.

I've always been a bit frustrated at the over-focus on flu shots over other precautions like hand-washing, etc. Though the CDC would mention hand-washing as being an important part of flu prevention, it was always more of a footnote. SO much focus on the flu shot that it made many believe they were now immune (or, if they did get sick, it wouldn't be as bad of a case). So why bother with hand-washing?


Excerpt from linked article:

"These findings suggest that certain community mitigation measures might be useful adjuncts to influenza vaccination during influenza seasons, particularly for populations at highest risk for developing severe disease or complications."

Gee, ya think??

Wow, how did I miss this performance of Stairway to Heaven? (Ann Wilson at Kennedy Perf Arts)

And the Obamas were in the audience too. Man, I miss normal times ...

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