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Member since: Fri Oct 19, 2018, 08:49 PM
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AI that predicted 2016, Brexit, and Canadian Election predicts Biden win

Saw this on DailyKos.


While traditional pollsters have tried to address the failures of 2016 with new methods (like weighting for education), a new alternative has begun to appear: AI predictions. Advanced Symbolics Inc. is a Canadian firm that has developed an AI named “Polly” which was recently the subject of a documentary by TVO (an Ontario public broadcaster). Polly makes it prediction based on social media and was first deployed in Brexit, then the 2016 American election, and the 2019 Canadian and UK elections. It accurately predicted them all.

I've wondered how accurate the traditional methods of polling are going to be going forward as less and less are going to be answering polls via cell or landline (who wants their data mined? Too many spam calls as it is, etc).

Putin rejects Trump's accusations against Biden

Did anyone see this? I apologize if already posted but I never saw any news about this (happened last Sunday). Not that I care what Putin thinks but Trump surely does. Sounds like Putin sees the writing on the wall and believes Trump will lose. For once in my life I hope Putin is right.


Regarding Trump's attacks on Biden over oil

I wish Joe Biden would bring up the fact that Trump promised to “bring back coal” yet coal plants are closing down faster than ever. Biden needs to hammer Trump on this. Tell people it’s a perfect example of why America needs a transition path off of reliance on fossil fuels because they are sunsetting whether we like it or not and no amount of legislation or wishful thinking is going to change that.

Instead of being on the defense, attack Trump for setting those working in the coal industry backwards for 4 years. They could have been setting up a transition plan this whole time. Instead nothing was done to help retrain and the coal plants closed anyway!

From a NYT article in October this year (https://www.nytimes.com/2020/10/05/us/politics/trump-coal-industry.html)

Despite Mr. Trump’s stocking his administration with coal-industry executives and lobbyists, taking big donations from the industry, rolling back environmental regulations and intervening directly in cases like the Arizona power plant and mine, coal’s decline has only accelerated in recent years.

A Republican lawmaker from Arizona sought to force one of the state’s largest utilities to continue to buy power from the plant. Peabody, the world’s largest coal company, offered to discount the price of the coal it was selling the power plant from the Kayenta mine.

None of it proved to be enough. By late last year, both the Kayenta mine and the Navajo Generating Station had gone offline, a high-profile example of the industry’s broader collapse and the resulting economic and political aftershocks.
Alvin Long, 61, who spent nearly three decades maintaining the earth-moving machines at the Kayenta mine before it closed and remains unemployed, said the past several years have led him to reassess his political allegiance. After backing Republicans since the 1970s and voting for Mr. Trump in 2016, he said he was leaving the party.

“We really thought we had a chance to keep it going, when we voted for Trump,” he said. “But I don’t care to listen to him anymore. All of his promises went down the drain.”

John McCain and Obama trade jokes at Charity dinner October 2008

Looking at just how far the GOP has fallen, it’s given me even greater respect for John McCain. Both he and Obama seem to be enjoying themselves. I long for decency again.

Jimmy Kimmel powerful video urging people to vote (featuring 3 year old son)

This was so moving and powerful. Apologies if it’s already been posted on DU...


Interesting analysis of alleged Hunter Biden email and why it's deemed a forgery

Sorry if someone posted this already. Someone looked closely at the pdf the NY Post posted as an alleged email on Hunter Biden’s alleged laptop. An obvious forgery:


OMG--Pete Buttigieg

Love this guy... Great come back to a gotcha Fox News question pre-debate.


My Gen-Z gave me a great strategy for "what about-ism" responses

The Gen-Z’s are running circles around Trump supporters with their unique uses of TikTok to mess with Trump rallies, messing with online Trump merchandise stores, etc.

One tip my daughter gave me which seems to be working is how to respond to “what about isms”. For example when someone says “police shoot more white people than black”, my gut reaction is to point out that whites make up a far greater percentage of the population and it’s the ratio that matters”. But my daughter said to just respond with “So you agree that Police use deadly force far too often and reforms, such as defunding the police, are necessary.” Or, recently, a Trumper was trying to deflect from Trump’s taxes by asking how Joe Biden made so much money on a salary of $200,000”. Instead of arguing that Biden made legit money from speeches and pointing out that Biden’s taxes are all online, I just responded with “So you must be INCENSED about Trump paying zero-$750 in taxes.”

Last example was recently. A FB Trumpee was trying to defend Trump’s Proud Boy remarks by saying “Well, I don’t know much about the Proud Boys but I do know Antifa is burning down and looting cities.”. I forwarded a video of the Proud Boy founder—on video—demanding violence and even for Proud Boys to kill people”. I never engaged about Antifa not really being a thing, I just stated “Since violence disturbs you then I’m sure you are enraged by what the Proud Boy’s founder is calling for.” Crickets in all the above examples.

Great new shirt on Lincoln project website

I just bought one for my husband and myself:


Thanks in advance for you DU-ers who are "cup half full"--I'm anxious about debate

Being neurotic is not fun. What’s it like to be optimistic versus always waiting for the other shoe to drop? It must be nice.

Though I know Joe Biden is going to be prepared for tonight’s debate I still worry about the slightest gaffe because the news media will RUN with it (and ignore Trump’s far more egregious lies, gaffes, etc). I have to remind myself that anxiety does not a premonition make.

I’m recording tonight’s debate as I don’t know if I can watch it live due to my idiotic “the glass is half empty, it’s full of acid, and is coming to attack me” attitude. So I VERY MUCH appreciate those who remain optimistic and sane. You help me to remain so as well.
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