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Gender: Female
Home country: USA
Current location: MD
Member since: Wed Oct 24, 2018, 08:30 AM
Number of posts: 1,584

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WTF don't the CNN hosts ask about McConnell bringing the bi-partisan bills to the floor for a vote?

Until we get people to really focus on the fact that McConnell is sitting on all the legislation sent over by the House to end the shutdown and get a negotiated agreement on Homeland Security, we run the risk of things turning against the Democrats is this shutdown goes much longer. The focus should be on MITCH MCCONNELL AND TRUMP!!

John Kennedy (GOP _ LA) is as bad as Trump. He ascribed "Hate" to Nancy. Said she is allowing her

hatred of Trump to keep her from negotiating over the shutdown.

Nancy and Chuck stand up to Trump like the GOP should when they disagree.

But they won't.

Xi and Kim have Trump exactly where they want him...under their feet.

It is truly amazing that people are not streaming to the WH fence. So Trump favors Putin, Xi, and Kim to his fellow citizens.

If people begin to focus on crime, they must begin at the crimes and corruption at the White House.

How is it that whenever Trump wants to focus on the WALL a new caravan forms (according to him)?

he looks more and more insane with every appearance on TV. God help us!

Sounds to me like some of the media are trying to help the GOP shift the blame to Democrats and

asking leading questions that seemed designed to divide the Democratic caucus. We are STRONGER TOGETHER!

I just can't get my head around Pence calling Rush to thank him for his help in dumbing down

30% of America and there seems to be no outrage that the White House is placing governing in the hands of talk radio and FOX. Wouldn't you think that this would be a bigger story than it is?

Looks like he just wanted use the unfortunate tragedies of the families hurt by criminals who

were immigrants, documented or undocumented. Too bad he doesn't feel the same urgency about all the innocent citizens killed by other citizens. Why aren't all the shootings that happen across the nation daily a crisis?

Anyone think Trump might try to sound compassionate tonight. Talk tough about the wall and then

order the government to open, including Homeland Security, but say he is more concerned about families being hurt than the Democrats?

Wonder how far he will go off script?

On New Day just now. WTF

Democrats have refused to fund the wall for over five years??? Seems like Marc Short is giving us Trump's speech now. I know the script has been written but Trump will go off script as usual.

Democrats just gained control over the House and the GOP still controls the Senate.

Whatever Trump says tonight, Democrats must be ready to refute their lies. If they don't get equal time by the networks we need flood them with complaints.
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