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Gender: Female
Home country: USA
Current location: MD
Member since: Wed Oct 24, 2018, 08:30 AM
Number of posts: 1,584

Journal Archives

Starbucks CEO is about to screw Democrats and the rest of the country. I'm sorry folks

but what we do not need is another kind of third party taking away votes. There are too many who just want any other alternative to Trump but still believe all the FOXy and other RW propaganda about Democrats. They bought it hook line and since in 2016 and they will do it again.

Any border security deal must have a strictly enforced e-verify

Let's see how much the GOP really wants to fix illegal immigration.

Anybody up for a Warren/Pelosi ticket in 20.20 or a Pelosi/Warren ticket?

Still, no one seems to have quite the background in both foreign and domestic arena as does HRC. What a waste to not have her as President. Warren, Harris, Pelosi in their power bases with Hillary at the top would have been awesome!!

Back to reality.

My preferences for Dem legislative agenda What about yours?

1. Eliz Warren tax plan
2. Bill to require all candidates for President and VP to produce last 5 years of taxes
3. ACA FIX or Medicare for all or some kind of single payer health coverage.
4. DACA FIX with pathway to citizenship
5. Overturn Citizens United
6. Restoration of equal time FCC rules
7. Restoration of Voting Rights Act
8. Reform and effective enforcement of banking laws to protect agains corruption and usury.
9. Invigorated enforcement of consumer protections thru the Consumer Protection Agency
10. Infrastructure, including strong legislation for addressing climate change in all infrastructure improvements.

When will the GOP run Ann Coulter out of town on her Harley?

They are letting her get away when she bears a ton of responsibility for what happened to those Federal employees.

Will all those funding bills passed by the House now be approved?

How is this going to work. It would be smart to pass clean funding for all of them. It will be up to Mitch to bring them to the follow of the Senate for a vote.

Trump just wrested his Presidency from the clutches of Ann Coulter. Take that Ann!

Wonder what is coming next?

How did we manage to be so great with all the horrible immigration? If we are the laughing stock

of the world, how are we so great?

He is braking down before our very eyes.

Nancy really hurt him by cancelling the STOU. He wants that more than anything.

Nancy 3
Trump 0

Looks like Wall Street is trying to protect Trump. WTF is it going up at this time.

Are we getting ready for a hard fall? it makes no sense to me in view of the damage being done by the shutdown.
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