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Gender: Female
Home country: USA
Current location: MD
Member since: Wed Oct 24, 2018, 08:30 AM
Number of posts: 1,584

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How can anyone say Trump may not have known Russia was involved? Stop it!

Trump stood in front of TV camera and asked Russia to find the alleged missing HRC e0mails.

I love all our announced candidates but Elizabeth's tax reform speaks for me. I like it.


Is this a possible way out of the shutdown?

Give 5.7 B for border security. DT can call it what he wants to call it BUT make him promise and sign an agreement to never hold the government workers hostage to spending bill again. No more shutdowns, ever over spending. Pass legislation for 2 or 3 year budgets for all Executive agencies and entitlement spending.

So if another country declares our 2016 election a fraud based on Russian interference, it can

refuse to recognize our government? WTF are we doing and saying in Venezuela? Now it is clear why Rubio has sold his soul to Trump, he is a hawk when it comes to anyone in Latin America or south America? We are now going to recognize the unelected government of an opposition party there, just like we did with Egypt after their elections. The hypocrisy is searing!

What or who will deliver us from this nightmare of Trumpian hegemony?

So Trump is going the wag the Venezuelan dog?

You knew there was going to be a conflict somewhere to detract. AND, there is huge oil reserves there. That is what we have been after for years.

My greatest fear is that Trump will make a turn.

He is losing badly to Madam Speaker. He craves the limelight. He has already caved a little by saying that he would give the SOTU after shutdown is over. That could mean anything but I think he really want the Chamber floor. My fear is he could use that forum to suddenly fake some compassion, announce a big deal about DACA, announce again an economic policy to put people back to work, back an $18 minimum wage payback for all those contract employees who lost their pay during the shutdown. He will fake some kind of remorse and talk about how much he as learned and how sorry he is for some of those mistakes. Of course, his base won't hold that against him because they know he will be lying. Some folks this will feel sorry for him, like he is wounded and misunderstood patriot. That's my fear.

My hope is that he will leave office in disgrace and be imprisoned for a minimum of 10 years along with his corrupt children.

Clay Higgins (R) claiming sovereignty of our nation depends on a border wall. WTF?

No wall stopped Russia from violating the sovereignty of our nation during the 2016 election and afterwards. Sovereignty only means one thing to Republicans: keep all people of color out. This shutdown is designed to do a couple of things the GOP has wanted to do for decades, since FDR brought us through the great depression:

Starve the Federal government of as much revenue as possible to keep it from helping other then the rich.
Do as much economic harm to minorities, the poor, and working women, and
Keep distributing the wealth upward.

It really is insane why poor white people do not understand this. They are part of the target group and don't even know it and seemingly don't care.

We have to recognize that we are in the grips of a fascist autocrat who despises our country,

detests the media, demeans our intel community and disobeys our laws and is intent on destroying our institutions. A small minded, barely literate, racist who love everything Putin and Russian. He is a clear and present danger and there is a cabal in the House and Senate that must also be controlled by and fearful of the Russian murderous regime.

Unless we, the people, make up our collective minds to resist this treasonous movement, it will not be stopped. It is beginning to steam roll over our government and the free press. Pressure must be placed on the evil men who have sway over our government, meaning McConnell. He does hold the key to this mess. We must stick together and stick behind Speaker Pelosi who is brave enough to take on the challenge.

Everyone of those, both Democratic and Republican who voted to remove sanctions on Deripaska, who votes to abandon NATO must be targeted for removal from office through the election process. Everyone who continues to support Trump in his quest to undermine our Democratic Republic must be likewise targeted for defeat at the polls at BOTH the STATE and NATIONAL levels. The GOP State Houses must be equally targeted. It must be done on every level. It is necessary. It is critical. It is URGENT. Stay focused.

My family resources are very limited but we vowed to do what we can. Our first concern is with our immediate family members who are suffering through this government shutdown. We are all trying to tend to their financial and emotional needs right now. But when this is over, we are going to become one fierce family movement against anything GOP. Even those who sat out in 2016 have repented of their apathy and of being snookered in 2016 have vowed to work their asses off for the coming 2020 blue tsunami.

Anyone, I mean anyone, who works for earned income ought to outraged by the treatment of

civil servant employees who work for the Federal government to earn a livelihood to take care of their families. Only the snarky, rich, bigoted, misogynists, who live off of family wealth and unearned income with all the tax breaks would be so heartless as to infer that those furloughed workers are not really hurting that much. As they push the myth that Federal workers have huge salaries and do little or nothing to earn their living, they ought to be called out on every turn.

I have yet to hear any of the big contractors with the Federal government come out and support their subcontracted employees whom they know are barley making it on the low wages they pay.

All the red-hatters who are reluctant to lay the blame on Trump when they are interviewed on camera will soon learn that their favorite President doesn't really give a damn about them except when he wants them to show up for his political rodeo rallies to hear more of his lies. They just refuse to bring themselves to admit this to themselves as well as others. To the decent, hard working, Fed employees, my heart goes out. They bring me to tears when I hear the fear and anxiety in their voices when they say they are having difficult time even getting fuel to get to their unpaid work. The Federal employees who were fortunate enough to have their funding approved ought to be in the streets showing some solidarity with the fellow civil servants not being paid for the work they are doing and for those who are home on furlough. STRONGER TOGETHER!

Uh, oh. Twitter Trump just blocked me.

All I said was that his legacy would be the total destruction America by making America hate again.
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