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Gender: Female
Home country: USA
Current location: MD
Member since: Wed Oct 24, 2018, 08:30 AM
Number of posts: 1,584

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One of the biggest and possibly most impactful story was just given by Rachel.

The story about the escort who has videos and information on Deripaska ask who asked for help from the US to keep her from being deported to Russia was covered by Rachel. Haven't seen this reported anywhere else. She was deported to Russia instead of her home country. She feared for her life and was begging for help. The fact that we didn't help her says a lot about the Trump-Russian connection. If you missed Rachel tonight catch it on the stream..

Here is a link to the story. I had tweeted to Rachel and Lawrence that this story should be covered. This, to me, is the biggest story yet to link Trump-Russia-2016 election. I don't know why it hasn't received more coverage. It's HUGE!


Nothing less than stopping the shutdown should be accepted before the Dems talk.

We must not allow him to hold Federal workers hostage to a man who has worked for the past two years to destroy our government. And there must be blow back with Trump's fear mongering about the stock market. Everyone speaking on behalf of the government must tie any stock market and economic shrinkage to his ill advised tax cuts and debt and deficit spending.

What is really behind the shutdown and comments by some administration and Congressional

figures is plain racism. They rev up the Trump base with the old myth that mostly blacks work for the government, if not "mostly" just too many minorities and women making too much money and getting free healthcare etc. It's a myth that grew out of the Affirmative Action and equal opportunity laws and regs of the late 60's. But I have to believe that the number of white faces and families being shown on TV who are really suffering from this shutdown is going to drive Trump's numbers to the pits. The really sad part of this is that many minorities and women do, in fact, work for the businesses that CONTRACT with the Federal government. There contract employees are among the very lowest paid employees and the WILL NOT be getting back pay when the Federal employees get their back pay. I don't think there are that many compassionate Contractors who would make their employees whole even though they can afford to do so.

It's a sad situation and feel badly for all those suffering from Trump's needless, wasteful, and harmful shutdown.

What poll is showing Trump's numbers going up among Hispanics. What Hispanics?

The only one I could think of would be the older Cubans in FL who don't want any others to enjoy the freedoms they have.

If Trump want his STOU in the House, he must end the shutdown first.

That would be a good move if Nancy offered that to him. Removes it from the wall debate and the Democrats would be ready to respond to anything he said about the wall in the STOU. Even give out some facts about the wall and immigration in their response.

I really do not want Kamala Harris to be President.

I want her to wait for a Democratic President to put her on the SCOTUS. She needs to be a lifelong force for this country. We need her time and focus on the Senate.

Will there be a thread here on Trump's campaign rally (oops, speech) today?

Hope so.

We aren't paying enough attention to the stock market and what is happening.

By any reasonable assumption, one would expect that the devastating impact of the furloughs on our economy would have the stock market a little nervous. But with the sanctions being lifted on the Russian oligarchs, Trump had promised Putin, the market took off. Now look at the cast of characters who voted for lifting the sanctions which included Lindsey Graham and Romeny...two Senators who were once supporting tougher sanctions on Russia. Don't stop thinking about tomorrow or the shit that is happening in the background. These are the stories they don't want you to think about. They would much rather have you incensed at some ridiculous tweet by Trump and Guliani.

Cousin twice removed, had to be talked back from suicidal emotions after being furloughed.

He doesn't see how he can keep his home for his family since they were already living on the edge and behind in mortgage because of health issues. Most of us have pitched in but my family is not in the income bracket which allows for much help to those in need financially. We are good, kind and generous with time, food and providing a place to stay but none of us has much disposable income. I suggested he put up a GOFundME. He is almost too shattered to do anything. He is helping in a food pantry today to help others. I am crying here.

While the furloughed suffer, looks like stock market is linked to lifting sanctions on Russian

oligarchs. Is this why so many GOPers voted to lift sanctions on a Manafort linked Russian? It's all about themselves and their money. American government and workers be damned!
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