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Gender: Female
Home country: USA
Current location: MD
Member since: Wed Oct 24, 2018, 08:30 AM
Number of posts: 1,584

Journal Archives

Saturday announcement to detract from Women's March??? Fund raise??

Just asking. Anything that gets the government open right now .

WALL, what wall? Next


Largest ever group tunnels under wall in Ariz.

On the Pence school issue. Do they also ban adulterers?

This is so much bullshit. Phony Christians shouldn't be allowed to have it all ways.

I'm sorry, but Trump's business dealings in Russia should NOT be separated from election

interference by Russia. They are linked. That is how Russia was able to control Trump.

Threatening dirt on a witnesses FIL is witness tampering or intimidation, is it not?

Trump just ought to stay away from smearing father-in-laws. Ivanka has one.

More witness intimidation. The media should be all over this but they seems less fever about this than Hillary's e-mails.

All of this is Obama's mothers fault for not giving birth in Kenya or Indonesia.

If only Trump would have been correct about this lie, we wouldn't be here.

Congress needs to pass laws within the budget process to narrow when agencies can be shutdown.

Three=year budgets might do the trick and they must be passed within 90 days of a new President taking office. Just a starting point to think about.

Ill the messenger time. GOP out in full force. They are in complete denial that Trump is a bigger

liar than Cohen.

Not to worry about evidence. Remember Cohen's offices were raided and loads of materials

were handed over to Special.

It coming slowly, I believe, because the Trump base is being fed anti-Russian investigation fodder. Mueller is striking back slowly each time the Trumpians make a move because his base can only digest information a little at a time.

In the end there will much more to what Mueller uncovers than we see on the surface.

I am remembering that it was Buzzfeed that reported on the Dossier. And we all know how that turned out...so far, 95% true and verifiable.
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