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Gender: Female
Home country: USA
Current location: MD
Member since: Wed Oct 24, 2018, 08:30 AM
Number of posts: 1,584

Journal Archives

I just searched for Trump's visit to Afghanistan. Here is what I found:

"Trump hints could make first visit to Afghanistan"

Nancy was going there. Trump was not. THINK ABOUT THAT!

Can the Senate take a vote of no confidence in its Leader, McConnell?

Is there some way to get rid of him as Leader of the Senate? Are there any crimes that he may have committed with Russian backing that can be proven for which he can be indicted?

Think Nancy will come out with "What, I had already cancelled my trip to Egypt and Afghanistan.

WTF is he talking about?"

Get him, Nancy!

Turn the Women's March into a March to end the shutdown to stop hurting women and children who are

suffering from Trump's tantrums.

Trump pulls Nancy's aircraft for trip to Afghanistan. I am sure she doesn't care.

Who wants to go there at a time like this? Trump wants the Chamber more than Nancy want a trip to Afghanistan.
He and his admin are such fucking bullies.

It's pretty clear to me that when the Dems take over the Senate and WH, ignorer to clean up

the mess left from 4 years of a Trump administration, taxes will have to raised on the very wealthy...like Bill Clinton did to help get us back into financial shape. No quibbles about it. No taxes on the earned income, working families but much higher taxes on the ultra wealthy who have benefited from the suffering of the masses over the past 3 years. AOC is right on target with her message on taxes.

Missiles vs a wall...what will they decide?

Wait for it.

So now we know the real problem with Trump: He lives in a FOX hole, blinded by the dark.

He lives there with his base. When they stick their heads out for even a moment, the light it too much to bear so their duck back into the darkness. After so much time in the FOX hole, they become disorientated, unhinged, and unable to function in reality. They suffer from many derangements. Rupert Murdoch dug the hole years ago and has been throwing them their life lines.

Is it the Coulter-Trump shutdown or the Trump-Coulter shutdown?

Hmmm.. What ever, it's the Pelosi-AOC takedown!

Post your favorite political quote of 2019 here. The list can grow as events unfold.

"Please don't characterize the strength I bring to this meeting" {Please don't characterize my power.} (Speaker Pelosi to Trump in the Oval Office).
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