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Gender: Female
Home country: USA
Current location: MD
Member since: Wed Oct 24, 2018, 08:30 AM
Number of posts: 1,584

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Will FOX even report that the bombs were not "hoax" bombs. Will they show the FBI Director

saying that these were real explosives? The clip of the Trump supporters interviewed prior to tonight's rally showed them saying the whole thing was a hoax, the Democrats did it, blah, blah blah.

We are wasting time trying to inform the these creations. GOTV and sweep them away.

"If you look at numerous of these incidents..."

Name another besides Scalise. They will all be alt-right, hard core, RW nuts.

FAKE MEDIA NO MORE!!! The media was a great help with their honest and persistent reporting.

FOX and all their cohorts like Limbaugh, Gingrich, Hannity and others need to hang their head in shame. I hope the media becomes even more relentless in reporting on Trump and his lies and his evil supporters.

Trump is one sick MF. That is all.

Shame on the African-American leaders who allowed that sad display in the WH with Trump.

It was totally disgusting to any black person with any kind of decency and sense of history. i guess there are some self-haters among every group. I even saw one hand belonging to a black participant make the white power hand sign.

SHOUT OUT TO THE REAL MEDIA for following this story in the face of maligning from Trump

and his administration about "fake news" and "hoaxes." It was pictures of the packages on cabal news and other media outlets that sparked the attention and memories of people who were able to warn us.

CNN, MSNBC and all their affiliates and national news outlets, we are grateful to you.

As fast as the FBI found this culprit, Trump has got to be worried.

After maligning the agency and almost all other intel agencies, this shows the competence of the FBI to effectively and quickly solve crimes. Trump has got to be worried about how much goods they have on him that they are holding back until the right moment.

Where was the MAGAbomber born? Anyone know?

Really curious about his origins.

I think Ben Carson is the biggest disappointment in my lifetime to me.

As a young adult raising children I used him as a role model for my children. They understand I was trying to do the right thing by them to encourage them to work hard to succeed in the face of challenges. Thankfully they were raised to THINK for themselves and they see him as a big disappointment also and are ashamed of what he has become. They are all really good Democrats who take no BS from anyone. We don't always agree on the way Democrats approach problems but we agree on the objectives. They are all service-oriented, civics-minded, kind young adults. I am so proud of them but pained by the condition of the country they have to live in.

Wonder what he is going to say at his rally tonight? He looks subdued.

He looks disappointed. He has a sad that law enforcement was so swift to find the culprit.

Did Rush Limbaugh and Newt apologize for accusing Democrats of a false flag operation? Did Sara.
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