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Gender: Female
Home country: USA
Current location: MD
Member since: Wed Oct 24, 2018, 08:30 AM
Number of posts: 1,584

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OK, who is going to be brave enough to admit and fly their flags upside down?

We are a nation under siege and have been since Trump took his oath of office. We are held hostage by Saudi Arabis and Russia has us under siege.

There simply is NO comparison between this journalist murder and cover-up and the Iran deal.

The Iran deal was just not the US alone and was considered a way to keep Iran from going nuke and gave the west the most access to inside Iranian nuke activities ever. More than the access we have in NK, India, Pakistan or Israel for that matter. Protecting Saudi Arabia is our pre-payment for what is coming down the line.

How many balls does Trump have, anyway...must be more than two because Saudi Arabia has one, Russia has one, and NK has one.

If there were a national minimum corporate tax rate that applied in all states,

would that help level the playing field so that state and local officials would not have to sell their souls and their taxpayer resources to entice businesses to their states and local municipalities.? Would that allow places like MS state and some of their local districts to attract businesses with living wages to prove jobs for depressed areas? It is sickening that states and localities have to cede their tax base to get corporations to move to their areas often having to not only give up the collection of taxes but also having to improve infrastructure for the benefit of the corporation instead of for the benefit of their citizens.

Active shooter at Walter Reed Med Center in Bethesda, MD.

So real details yet.

Is Lewandowski throwing Manfort under the Trump bus?

This is going to be their way of making Trump the victim.

So we are going to shut down our own government because Trump can't get Mexico to pay for his wall?

That's what we should be asking people. Have they forgotten that Trump promised that Mexico was going to pay for this wall? The media seems to have forgotten this, never hear it mentioned.

A Bill should be put forth that appropriates 2.5 billion IF Mexico puts up matching 2.5 billion because Trump said he was going to make Mexico pay for the wall.

Any word about what the voting looks like in MS?

Well, my heart just sank re Mueller.

With the new news about Manafort dropping his plea, it appears that Trump may get away free and pardon all others in his attack on America. I hope this isn't true. Did we put too much hope in Mueller because he is such a decent man? Decent men don't win in this nasty, indecent environment.

Trump will not always be President but in the meantime, looks like he gets away clean and we lose our country and its soul.

Not feeling good today.

Harley, coal mines, Sears, K-Mart, Macys, GM, Ford...tired of winning yet?

Just now wondering if the Manafort breach wasn't a set up by Mueller to get his report out

to the public. If it was, it was a brilliant move. Somehow i believe that Mueller always knew these Trumpian scum bags would like because they knew they would be pardoned. But what if Trump doesn't pardon them? Why should he because once Mueller's report is out nothing will be hidden from the public. In a fit of terror he may not pardon any of them for not protecting him better.
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