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Gender: Female
Home country: USA
Current location: MD
Member since: Wed Oct 24, 2018, 08:30 AM
Number of posts: 1,584

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For 2020 Candidates who did NOT want ALL votes counted should be a major voting issue.

They all should be voted out of any office they may be running for.


That's my list for 2020.

What caravan????

Must be the one slated to arrive here in 2020.


Posters, banners, and decals, bumper stickers, hats (orange or black&white stripes)/

Well, Trump just finished off the career another person. (Whitiker)

Everyone that Trump touches turns to ash. When Trump is out of office the careers of those now in the WH will be in the ash heap of history.

Just on MSNBC: "We are in treacherous waters."

Yes we are. And it appears that Trump is going to ensure that the new Congress won't be able to take up any new legislation because they will have to BEGIN with the Impeachment process.

Who was the woman who said "Your institutions will not save you?" It's getting closer to that with Whitaker at the helm of Justice.

Senators who will be up in 2020 need to decide if they are for democracy or for Russian control.

It's just that simple.

Hold on about Whitaker. His appointment may be illegal? AND

remember this. Whitaker has not seen, and does not know the evidence that Mueller has. Now behaving a certain way BEFORE he knows the actual evidence and facts is one thing. BUT once he is briefed and finds out the actual facts and evidence, taking the same actions positions him to be charged with obstructing justice, doesn't it? Am i wrong?

McConnell: GOP was hurt by impeachment because it was all about lying about consensual sex.

Trump's impeachment will be lying about conspiring with an enemy to destroy American democracy and massive abuse of power in obstructing justice.

Here is what I love about our candidates: They are all fighters and won't give up until ALL the

votes are counted. They really want to win to save the country. I don't think Al Gore wanted to be President as much as we wanted him to be. When votes are still to be counted, unless you absolutely know that the outstanding votes are not enough to overcome your deficit, you should never concede. Count ALL the votes and make ALL the votes COUNT!!!

Isn't it time for the press to stop covering Trump? let FOX have all the fun. Send only one.

Never cover another Trump rally or presser. Just send on person (pool person). The view of an empty room would send a start message to the nation and the world. Trump can only perform for an audience. Stop giving him the audience. Cover the news coming from WH using Trump's tweets.
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