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Gender: Female
Home country: USA
Current location: MD
Member since: Wed Oct 24, 2018, 08:30 AM
Number of posts: 1,584

Journal Archives

Did Walker win?? I'm confused. One stations calls it for him yet the numbers show he is down.

Happy Dems will get the House. My night spoiled by Cruz winning.

Beto for President

God! I can't take these early results. I'm starting to feel sick.

I "googled" but didn't anything about student walkouts to vote. Anyone else?

I was hoping for a big media blitz about all the college and some high school students walking out to vote across the country.

I know they can vote after school but the peer pressure of sheer numbers would be a great motivator.

Drinks are on me when they announce that Beto has won!! Straight whiskey and beer only,

Neither rain nor snow should stop our friends out there from voting.

Just providing the water for the wave.

Trump and GOP give away the store to corporations and we will soon be paying for it.

Big business and corporations love Trump for giving them huge tax cuts (that they didn't need with their record profits under Obama) and requiring very little of them. The little required was soon ignored.

Next time a Republican smirks about Trumps "booming" economy, remind them we could have here sooner had the RW=controlled corporate America wanted to cooperate with President Obama and taken a more active and patriotic position about growing their industries. Next time remind them of these three things"




Just returned from voting in MD, Montgomery County.

WOW!! We are historically BLUE but even our county and polling precinct the numbers had exceeded last mid-term after the poll were open 30 minutes. When we got there (about 8:30) there was just a small line about 15 voters but a steady stream in teaming down rain. No worries about this blue wave except that Larry Hogan may still be our governor and that is not the worst thing that could happen to us.

I really don't like al the smears against Nancy Pelosi that are rearing up. Caution

First we win. And it's ok by me if there is debate among the Dems about who would be a new speaker. BUT just remember, Nancy has been a effective Speaker for us, knowing where the bodies lie AND the rules and loopholes of Senate governance. The newbies among our House members would be wise to seek her counsel even if they do not want her as Speaker.

But the most important thing is to not get caught up in rancor among ourselves. We must be a united force for good. Working for change means compromise and persistence. President Obama, much to the chagrin of many progressives on our side, did what he had to do to get the ACA even started and he couldn't have done it without Nancy Pelosi cracking the whip. Now we will have a chance to change it, improve it and get even closer if not achieve our goal of affordable health care for all IF we build toward the perfect using the tools of the good.

Putting on my goggles and water skies for the blue wave that is coming.

Just think, if Mega Churches had to pay taxes to the state in which they hold services...

the money could go right into the state coffers to be used to really provide needed services to the poor and elderly, including healthcare. The amount of money churches and corporations DO NOT pay is staggering. The taxes don't have to go to the Federal governments but they should go to state and local governments where the congregants worship and pay tithes and offerings. Just a small percentage of the these gifts to charlatan preachers would go a long way to helping the poor. AFterall, that was the foundation of the church in the new testament...bringing tithes and offering to be used for the common good.
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