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Gender: Female
Home country: USA
Current location: MD
Member since: Wed Oct 24, 2018, 08:30 AM
Number of posts: 1,584

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They are hating on Nancy just like they did on Hillary. Nancy is time enough for them and she has

nothing to lose at this point.

Gloating that mostly Dems are on furlough comes mighty close to an autocrat punishing his opponents

by an abuse of power. Clouds this as being a policy issue disagreement, more akin to abuse of power.

A very interesting read. Why the left is afraid of Jordan Peterson.


Jordan Peterson.

IF the Senate wants to regain their power as a part of the third branch of government

they will override Trump's veto of whatever bipartisan CR is sent to Trump that he refuses to sign. If they don't reign him in now, they may as well pack up and go home and stay there and let Trump and the House battle it out. The entire GOP has given up their power to the con man in the White House. They ought to be ashamed but they are not.

Trump is worried about Central Americans coming over the Mexican border. What about Russian

missiles invading our air space undetected? 5 billion should be directed some place other than an ineffective wall.

Just finished watching "Confirmation"

I was all into the live broadcast when it happened. I believe Anita Hill then. I believe her even more now. I worked with a female attorney who also worked with Thomas at the EEOC. She personally confirmed Thomas's behavior and was angry (get this) at Anita Hill for destroying Thomas's reputation. It was harmless office foreplay and she was angry because Thomas was the supervisor giving her referrals to prime jobs in the Federal government. She hated Anita Hill for her exposing CT. Can you imagine that?

We now have at least two sexual predators sitting on the Supreme Court. Something ought to be able to be done about that. Thomas has lived up to his reputation as unqualified Uncle Tom in the minds of most blacks.

Why is no one on the news talking about this?


After Trump's visit, Iraq wants our troops out. WTF?

Trump sounded like he was willing to pimp our troops for a price.

He really sounded like our troops should not be fighting for anything other than money. No more democratic or patriotic principles.
Damn! Why can't people understand what he is saying. He doesn't want us spending money to help others or fight for freedom and humanity...He wants us to keep our money here so he and scoundrels like him can scam, skim, and steal it for themselves in any number of business ways.

Would it not be better to spend 5 billion on building a buffer between Guatemala, Belieze and Mexico

making jobs for the migrants trying to enter Mexico? Wouldn't it be better for us to invest in a Marshall Plan for Central America? People are desperate all over the world. Those who scam, cheat and steal from the people are increasing the desperation. This is the stuff revolutions are made of and revolutions come in different forms. We can be isolated but there is enough ugliness going on inside our own country to make many people desperate.

We need to come up with policies that say to those outside our borders that we want to help them and not hate them.

Trump is a "clear and present danger" and his base is the :enemy within."

So, who are we? Or is it "whom" are we?
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